How you can profit from your Fiverr

How you can profit from your Fiverr clients work

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July 22, 2020

Video Transcription: Now I want to show you possibly the coolest suggestion that I have in this whole course maybe I don't know if its coolest but certainly may be the most effective to make money long term this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and that is is a strategy to make literally thousands of dollars per person that orders your gig and at the example I'm gonna give you is my huge new course on it's a geek and basically I help people to improve their course or sometimes I help people to may be just as they're planning to give them advice about their course something to help them along with their unique experience right it's $5.00 and my upsells are you know I have a few but it's not like I'm gonna make thousands of dollars with these right so that's not how I make my money here the smart thing that I do is I mean of course I help people as the gig sells but during the help and this is a business coaching gig where I help people on skype and I have a real conversation with them here right you see that it's on skype and during this call I get to understand what they're doing right I get to know what they are trying to do on and if I am able to either partner with them or somehow take advantage of their expertise for example like one very recent awesome gig that I have is somebody contacted me they were making a course on how to make Android apps well guess what I'm an actually an Android developer and I have my own successful apps that I made and they have a unique course on marketing right the apps to get like a million downloads well guess what that person and I ended up partnering and I added a few lectures to his course on which is about how to make Android development uh-huh sorry it's an Android development app and it's about how to make apps and it's a very popular topic it's one of the most popular topics right and so I was able to partner with him and now we are making good money on with that course and you can essentially do this with anything I did it with you to me and you can do it with multiple courses right as long as the partnership isn't is one that truly offers something good to students so for example I got approached you know I I help people with my courses are mostly about business and marketing I have a few health and fitness courses that I did with my trainer but mostly my courses are about business and marketing and so I got approached by somebody who's into parenting well I have nothing to add there right so I had to turn that down and basically if it's not related to my niches to my areas of expertise I just help them and you know make yeah get them you know going on their way but if they are doing something that's very related I suggest that we partner in that way I'm able to make money from their work by providing you know because once we partner I'm able to like promote my courses to a lot of my students if it makes sense for my students and I have like over 35,000 students so it's a very attractive thing for my gig buyers right and so they want to partner with me and it's attractive for me because I get to take advantage of their I get to add their expertise to my list of courses and have a wider coverage of courses so that's one thing I do if you don't have a course you can do this with many things for example if you help people with books right well books have a co-author like Amazon has a co-author option right where you can split revenue additionally and you can help you know you can partner the same way you can become a second author or at least get listed as one you know after you know whatever you do maybe you do design or something another thing is let's say that you have some affiliate product right you're helping people make money online well you can get them to sell your affiliate product right so whatever your product is you can get people to resell it right so there's many ways as long as the gig you're selling make sure it should you have to have a strategy for this so the gig you're selling has to be strategically one where it yes you people who have a high chance of doing something that you can take advantage right you can help them you can both help each other you can help them maybe promoting maybe something else maybe design and of course you get to take advantage of their work right and that way and you can you can make many such partnerships and let that just grow and grow and grow because you know the in partnerships what's really great is both people are promoting and that really helps to increase sales and of course you will split revenue but you'll both work on the marketing so you'll promote from baccarat and have and this kind of a geek situation will be a continuous funnel for you to get you more great partners that you can partner with and make really good money this way it I think this is a really strong strategy is very smart and you know so if you have something like this you can certainly give it a try or at least think about it you know whatever you are gigs that you offer maybe and it can be you know I don't know what your gigs are it can be anything but think about how you can create a similar scenario for people so that you can partner and take advantage of their work and make money from their work long term because if you make a digital product for example a book or course well hopefully that thing can sell this year next year and five years from now and you can make thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars from a single five-dollar buyer over time 

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