How to turn people into long-term customers

Turning people into long-term customers and making thousand of $$$ from them

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July 22, 2020

Video Transcription: Now creating long-term customers is something that's gonna make you a lot of money instead of having a $5 order or maybe the person orders a Giga extra maybe it's 25 over 45 well what about if it's 45 every two weeks for a month or however long right this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy so it's much better much much better you'll make like thousands of percent more money and I've already alluded to a number of these strategies throughout the course but I want to kind of have a really quick sum up of these and these are tips essentially to make people long-term customers because I keep repeating this phrase but it's always easier to sell to people who have bought home before I had a good experience then to sell to people who have never bought from you okay so we've got to got to got to keep track and keep reminding about us to our past buyers fiber doesn't give a really easy way to do this it's a little bit of a manual process on other platforms it's a more automated process like you know if you for example get people to sign up for your e-mail newsletter well it's it's just in one email but to everybody right so it's easy it's easy here you have to contact people one by one which is not easy but let's see we can come up with right so I believe it - all these strategies throughout the course but here I just wouldn't really really reiterate because if you really focus on these literally like you will make thousands of percent more money like really I promise this is something that I do and I know that works and the biggest mistake you can make is really not think deeply enough about these not really focus and maybe all think about how to do this later and never really get back to it but keep these in mind this will be gone okay so let's get through it you remember the geek carousel strategy where you can always have new gigs and you can launch new gigs and Gold and in from your existing gigs you can upsell the new gig and by the way you can go through a list of your past buyers and actually sell the new gig and this is actually a way you can say hey by the way I got a new gig and then you said you can say hey by the way I have a new whatever you might like it and if you have a lot of buyers some of them might buy and what is it gonna do this is gonna accelerate the rate at which your gig is getting purchased and what that is going to do is it's going to help you rank higher in search for your relevant keywords and as you already know search is going to be hopefully it can be the number one driver of sales and you've got to achieve this one way or another because that's really how you're gonna make money is by ranking really well right that's how you're gonna get a high influx of buyers and when you get a high influx of buyers with this course you know exactly how to turn the five-dollar order into hundreds or thousand dollars of orders right so so it's so the trick is twofold right you gotta turn the people into thousands of dollars or hundreds of dollars in orders but also to get the big funnel in getting a lot of people into your gigs and ranking will help you do that ranking but also to rank you gotta make a lot of sales and that whole strategy were creating a new gig and getting letting all your past buyers know about it that's gonna be a fantastic way for you to out of the gate rank your gigs really well so that's a really kung fu strategy okay I hope you got that it's kind of like a catch-22 you can just let me recap you've got a lot of buyers right existing past buyers let's say and you have a lot of new buyers who are buying your gig every day for example write to all of them you upsell some gig and you ask for you so all of a sudden you've got a lot of sales happening very rapidly and a lot of good reviews hopefully and what that's going to do is it's going to quickly propagate that new gig up the search rankings for its keywords and then you're gonna start getting natural sales of that gig and that's gonna start making good money because guess what you already know how to turn the five-dollar gig into hundreds of thousands of dollars right so it's a perfect everything comes together okay that's the one strategy okay next of course the next bullet point is one that I've just mentioned because it's you keep your previous list of buyers and you send them your hey you know I recently launched or relaunched some gig try it out okay so that sort of works hand in hand with a gig carousel which you learned about the gig carousel and if you've used in one of the previous lectures next is a cool another thing that you learned recently in this course and I just want to reiterate so always give some free gifts it makes people like you it makes you get better reviews but even more importantly the gifts are something that usually people should sign up for like I like to always give my maybe a unity course right because people sign up for my course and then on I can send promotional announcements to those people promoting my other courses you can also give away a free ebook but in the beginning of that ebook you might say hey subscribe to my email list and then you can email people you know as long as they keep the same email and do not subscribe you can keep emailing people your new offers anything you got going on anything else you're launching anything in the future right there your customers now and it's completely within terms of service of fiber because you didn't give them you just gave them a free gift right you didn't ask for contact information or you didn't give them a free gift and that's with in terms of can't turn of service so there you go so use their contact information to always sell them more and the last strategy took to create lifelong customers is to either have something that's a subscription like thing that you sell or a subscription thing that you sell right and what does that mean subscription subscriptions are easy to understand five-five doesn't necessarily have subscriptions but what you can do is create a gig that is subscription like so for example let's say that and I already gave an example of this in an earlier section when this came up but let's say that you are promoting something right you're promoting you have a big Facebook group and you can promote some product to thousands or millions of people okay just for example I don't know you may have something else but this is just an example so you can see how this applies to your business and what happens is guess what you're going to be able to sell that one time and if you are able to generate sales for this person well what about tomorrow they wants it they want the same promotion tomorrow as well right same thing tomorrow next day same thing they think they missed anything and so they might buy something every day if it's really getting them the sales until the sales dry up right hopefully they never dry up and so that's kind of how you know same thing if you make you know that that's how you keep people long-term customers and get them to buy and again if you get people to buy again you'll rank well your gig will start ranking higher and you'll get a lot of people coming to you from natural search and then you know what happens then you just start to get a lot of you know more ranking more people more money more but more long-term and more lucrative customers right that's what you want same thing you know like with a you know video promotion right you can make unlimited number of videos right design you can make a lot of designs everything trying to position things so that people can come back and come back and come back and come back to you that's where you will make thousands of percent more money from people and you know maybe hundreds of percent maybe thousands and really get people won't be long-term customers on Fiverr and really at some point people end up they do end up gravitating off fiber even though strict fiber terms of service dictate that you should only stay with a customer on fiber there are ways that are within terms of service that you can you know get people on to your other platforms and then kind of get them off fiber it's possibly a great area but the way that I read the Terms of Service it's totally a legitimate with the Terms of Service strategy that you can use it I've never been penalized for that sort of thing and that's it these are the strategies to really maximize your lifetime customer value here and instead of the five dollars make hundreds of thousands of dollars from the people long-term and really make a business out of it this way right yeah as long as your upsells are good and they're working and they're smart you will really generate a lot more money this way from their regular customers that are you know the little ones five dollars and goodbye right you really don't want five dollars and goodbye you really want five dollars and let me get your customer let me get your content information here's another thing you can buy and here's another thing you can buy right so that's better than five dollars and goodbye.

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