How to reach out to same buyer again on Fiverr

Make sure you can reach out to this buyer again

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July 22, 2020

Video Transcription: so it's easier to sell to an existing customer who's had a good experience with you then to sell to a new customer right this video is brought to you by our beep ice Academy and in this lecture I'm going to explain to you how to maximize sales from existing customers so first and the strategy is always really all about getting them to be reminded about you and getting giving them something to buy from you so you know in your this is your this would be your account and you go to sales and or I think it's orders no actually sales right this is your sales and then you go manage sales which will really bring you to the page where I was and then you go to complete it right and these are all the people who ever bought from you can scroll down and you can see which gigs they bought right for example completed and you can it's gonna load and you're gonna see basically everyone who's ever bought from you ok and what I would do if I were you I would put it into like a spreadsheet or something I would keep or some kind of a convenient list and you would literally go to each person or maybe you would hire like a somewhere to have someone to help you like an intern or someone to help you online like a virtual assistant but you can literally go and you see all the people who had a nice reviews people who didn't add nice reviews you can reach out to them and ask them to add nice reviews by the way right because it tells you exactly if they did or not and [Music] the but to everyone you can suggest other gigs right so for example if this person bought a book this is a gig it the title is cut off but all Hollywood it says it says basically I'll send you a hundred page book on business ideas of how to start a business ok well if this person wanted to start a business guess what you can sell them anything else that's related to starting a business right you they started a business okay well what about promoting it on Twitter on Facebook on this and that right so all kinds of extra things that come after that you can send them a reminder saying that you still have this and when you send a reminder tell them like hey you ordered from me some months ago but I haven't another cool gig that you might be interested in to help you with your business by the way how is your business doing re-engage them and that way you will make more sales from them unfortunately fiber doesn't offer an automatic way to contact people which would be great but this is something you can do manually and especially you know getting more reviews getting more orders this strategy will certainly help you make more money and get more reviews.

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