How to get initial sales and reviews on fiverr

Applying to service requests to get initial sales and reviews

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July 22, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I'm going to show you how to get reviews on your gangs on day one if you don't have your own audience to promote to and if you don't want to approach your friends and family what do you do on the fiver you see on top here you have this option for more and then you have option for buyer requests that says this is where we are now this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy in the buyer requests you see all the things buyers are asking for they're posting sometimes strange requests sometimes reasonable requests and you can search actually here you can search for like design and you can find you know if you're providing design services you can find all design related things or you can search by categories like SEO web traffic marketing strategy so you can find a lot of people to potentially sell to and message them and see hey do you want me to work with you and you'll have a little bit of a back-and-forth if you see that it's work it's gonna work out you can work with them now don't send them a custom request like a custom offer don't do that send them your gig make sure they buy your gig because you want to build up reviews on your gig because more orders and more reviews on your gig actually will result in your gig ranking higher on Fiverr search that's what you're really after so it's not for the $25 for $30 or whatever dollars people are offering it's really so that you rank higher because the whole goal is to rank highly so that you're constantly getting new orders from the ranking because approaching potential buyers is a little bit of annoying sales process that it's very time consuming and it's it's not a fun thing to do so you only want to do a minimal amount of this in the beginning and just make sure that you can do the job really well that's being posted if there's some job that you can only kind of do don't apply there because you might have an unhappy customer who might leave a bad review and that's actually going to hurt not help so only apply to jobs that you think you can do really well and you're confident you can get good reviews and then once you are confident you can get good reviews you just click on send offer and engage with them and do the work for them and that way you will build your reviews even if you have no audience and don't wanna sell to friends and family so this is the way that Fiverr provides where you can boost your initial profile if you're just getting started.

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