How to close gigs to get good reviews

How to close gigs to get good reviews and more sales and 5-star reviews

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July 22, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we're going to cover something very important when you close gigs when you deliver the order this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy what you've got to do is get the person to give you a good review and get the person to order more gifts from you right here's how you do that and here's the script for how you do that and I'm going to attach the script I'm gonna give it I probably I will have it as in the very next lecture as is just text that you can copy and so you have the text as well but let me walk you through the text first of all you start out this is when you close the Yankees I thank you for your order if they have asked you know you can mention there's you can say dear so-and-so thank you for your order I just kind of start with thank you for your order then the next line is you have to give the instructions of how you're delivering the order sometimes attaching sometimes there's a link sometimes something else different orders so basically in the second link make it very clear how you are attaching the how you are delivering the order so that they know that they know exactly how to get your order and there's no confusion and they're happy and of course if you then you say okay if you have any questions moving forward please feel welcome to reach out to me and I'll be happy to help you what that does is it decreases the chance that they will give you a bad review because it gives them the hope that maybe they'll get help from you later okay it also makes them more amicable towards you right they kind of like you because you want to help them more you're open to helping them further okay so this helps to increase your chances of better review and decrease the chance of bad review okay the next thing you write and you can copy and paste this you can you can have this saved somewhere so that you can just copy and paste and make small edits depending on what kind of things are specific to this gift and then you say the next thing is you ask for a review you say if you found this gig helpful please consider adding a nice review on Fiverr that sort of thing really helps me out here so there you go that asking for that review will increase the chances of you getting a good review the only thing make sure that they are happy with your gig first make sure they're happy because otherwise if you ask if they're not happy and you ask for review you might get a bad review so maximize so try to get a sense that they only asked this if they liked the gig okay if they're kind of lukewarm or you didn't get a sense that they really were into it you maybe don't ask this it will backfire part possibly and then you want to sell your gigs there's two ways to sell your gigs there's an aggressive way where you can just paste your link to your major profile to your to your main profile page with your 20 or 15 gigs that you have you can just post a link there right in here and say hey check out my other getting the community help okay that's a good way to top the upsell additional gigs of yours that's a little bit aggressive that made end up you might irritate the person and they might give a bad review because you know you're giving you're telling them to add a review here and they're thinking about it to make sure that you don't irritate them here by aggressively upselling to them and keep them happy and that's why I prefer the soft upsell which is this and what I say is and please let me know what kind of business challenges you're still currently facing so maybe I can suggest additional ways I can help you or additional gigs and then you just say best or best of luck Alex is my name you would write your name and that's kind of the script that I like it works for me it's professional um it's courteous and it gives people it makes them feel nice about working with you because you know you don't just close the gig and run away right you're human you wrote something nice so try the script I'll have it in the next lecture for you to copy and paste and um good luck.

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