How to boost sales & ranking on Fiverr

Boosting sales and ranking from client support, making buyers contact you

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June 08, 2021

Video Transcription: In this video I want to show you an example of a common Fiverr strategy to increase your sales and the conversion rate of your gig and through that to get your gig to rank higher and that is this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy you have something like this on your sales page contact me before ordering or contact me with any questions and by the way I don't know the seller I'm just using this purely as an example it's just the first time I've come around this person I've happened to click on them they had that and that's what I wanted to show you you'll see this sort of a thing a lot on Fiverr the reason people do this is because what when they message you you can explain to them your service and you can explain to them everything and enter their questions and convince them to buy your service so it's actually going to help you boost your conversion rate obviously that's gonna immediately help you make more money just by having more sales but secondarily it will help you your with your SEO because you're earning more money because you have a higher sales conversion rate through you because of all those factors it's actually gonna help the gig rank higher and that's why a lot of people do this now I don't do this why because I don't have time to sit and message back and forth with a lot of people in my case I just can't because it's not my main business but if you are starting out or you really want to focus on growing Fiverr and it's really important for you you might want to put something like this because it makes you more approachable it makes you friendlier and it helps you win a lot of clients over your competitors because there's no service today that doesn't have competitors to give you an example I was actually ordering some service for myself as a buyer just yesterday and I contacted five different sellers just asking them some questions within an hour all of them replied so there's usually a very high reply rate to make your reply rate high and to make you competitive with other sellers you should get the fiber mobile app from the fiber mobile app you can answer messages immediately right so he'll always be competitive with other sellers just because all the people who replied to me I started doing with him first and I bought from them and the people who replied even like 30 minutes late I was like you know I already bought something it's too late so it's very important to answer quickly to get the Fiverr mobile app all you have to do is if you're on iPhone you search for Fiverr in the App Store and if you are an Android I'll show you how to find it on Android just because Android has a friendlier web interface all you do you search for the word Fiverr obviously the very first app comes up is the Fiverr app I have this installed and it sends push notifications whenever I have a message and so I can answer messages within moments and then I'm competitive when people message me me personally I try to keep the conversations brief if you need the sales answer as many questions in detailed manner as possible and that will help you make more money immediately and boost SEO for your gigs.

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