How many gigs to create on Fiverr

How many gigs to create and how leveling up works on Fiverr

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July 22, 2020

Video Transcription: When you're first starting out on 5r as  soon as possible on day 1 sign up to be  a seller because it's really an  important thing to level up on Fiverr because it takes time to level up actual  physical time this video is brought to  you by Appy Pie’s Academy so let me  explain to you seller levels and what to  do on each level so when you used to  first start out you have no level you're  a ground level  you're just the seller a basic seller  can create seven gigs and you can create  a couple of you extras and all that will  talk about gig extras later and the  course don't worry about it  but the idea is you're able to create  seven gigs and every gig which is you  can think of a gig as a service you can  write different service meaning it means  set people can find you in seven  different ways the very first mistake  new sellers make is that they only  create one or two gigs and so that  immediately limits the number of ways  buyers can find them but the standard  practice is on day one right now  register create seven different gigs for  seven different services they may be  very similar service but phrased in a  different way for SEO purposes or they  might be different like maybe one is  logo design another one is website  design another one is maybe mobile app  design who knows I don't know what  you're planning to sell but just  different services or different  phrasings of services so that people can  find you in different ways and then when  you get to level one you see you need to  complete at least 60 days as a seller  meaning if you start being a seller  today which is what I'm suggesting to  you if you start being a seller today  then you only have to wait 60 days if  you become a seller tomorrow then you  have to wait 61 days you see so the  sooner you become a seller the longer  you have to wait that's why I'm urging  you to do today now the rest of the  requirements are pretty basic earn at  least $400 it's not that difficult in 60  days I mean if you're pretty active you  will probably make $400 and complete at  least 10 orders it's not that hard if  you find a way to make sales it's not  that hard to get some orders because you  really get 60 days it's two months and  you  have to have a 4.7 rating it's again not  everybody has now but it's not that hard  as long as you provide a good service  and you care about your clients and the  rest of the requirements are really easy  to get right for example don't receive  warnings on your account like don't  violate any policies make sure you  deliver 90% of your orders on time make  sure you have a good response rates to  people who message you that's fine  that's very doable the hard part here is  waiting 60 days but if you do you see  you get 10 active kicks when you first  start you get seven gigs which are seven  ways people find you but at level one  you get ten active gigs which is really  the most important part of being level  one more gigs then for level two you get  to have 20 gigs when you level up and 20  gigs is plenty because there's 20  different services you can offer first  so this is plenty of gigs for most  people and this is where you get all the  perks like having more gig morgue up  cells you can make and so on and so on  but the most important thing is that it  takes time to level up you sea level to  cellar you have to have 120 days that's  approximately four months so it's not  immediately and then this top rated  seller that's if you're hand-picked not  everybody gets to be a top rated seller  some people wait years and years to get  this and it's somebody on Fiverr staff  has to decide that you're great we can't  control this but we can control getting  up to level two and it starts with first  create your seven active gigs today  become a seller today so that the count  down to sixty days and four dollars and  ten orders starts now  so before the next video starts make  sure you are a seller right now so that  the time starts and before the course  ends make sure that you will have  created your seven gigs you don't have  to create your seven gigs now because  during the course I'll be giving you a  better idea what your gigs should be how  to write them all that but at least  right now make sure you're a seller.

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