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Fiverr vs. UpWork (why I prefer Fiverr)

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July 22, 2020

Video Transcription: A lot of people ask well what's the difference between Fiverr and upwork this video is brought to you by our  Appy Pie’s Academy of work is another major freelancing site should I be on Fiverr should I be enough work why should I be on one or not the other well let's talk about the differences the major differences between the two Fiverr tends to be for smaller jobs upwork tends to be for longer jobs now everything or just about everything you can get on Fiverr you can get on up work and vice versa so there is no really clear-cut rule it's not a guarantee that on Fiverr you'll only get short jobs you can get long-term projects sure but generally speaking up work is known for like more if you want to hire a developer for 3 months you go to up work if you want to hire somebody to create your photo in a day you go to Fiverr that's kind of like how people see it that's one difference on up work there tends to be a little bit more technical work and on Fiverr that there tends to be a little bit more marketing work again it can be reversed there's a lot of marketing one-up work and there's a lot of technical things on Fiverr but for the most part of work is known for technical projects Fiverr is technical and marketing let's say but for sellers for you and I the biggest difference and why I actually prefer Fiverr hands down this is the biggest thing for me is on Fiverr most buyers find gigs by searching and just buy them because the entry price is relatively low it's easy for people to try it and that means there is no sales process half of the time people buy from me is the first time I ever hear from them on up work on the other hand you have to apply to many jobs if you're a seller you have to compete sometimes against 1020 other sellers who are very hungry and desperate and they're gonna interview and that interview process is a very expensive in time you're gonna compete for a lot of jobs you're gonna get relatively few jobs because you're competing with 10 or 20 other freelancers sometimes so that part of up work I really don't like because it's a time wasting and it makes whatever money you earn from the project if you divide if you add up all the hours you spend interviewing and trying to get jobs on up work your rate would tend to be a little lower it's just a very frustrating process that's why I like Fiverr on Fiverr you get a lot of cheap leads essentially people buy a cheap rates and then it's up to you to extend their purchasing lifetime from you hopefully you can turn a small buyer into somebody who spends thousands of dollars we do long-term but it's easy to try it's easy to get those on up work there are generally fewer clients and it's harder to get them and that's why I actually value fire.

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