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Don't get penalized and stay 100% within terms of service, ok?

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July 22, 2020

Video Transcription: I want to encourage you to become very familiar with five our Terms of Service this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy because it's sometimes easy to mistakenly break them and then get penalized and once you get penalized it will mess up a lot of your work because the penalized gig will drop in rankings that happen to me I don't know if it was a direct result of the penalty but right away I saw and drop in rankings that I worked so hard to get high then a multiple violations of their Terms of Service will get you to even lose your level to level one status and especially if you work so hard to get like a you know a special like you know even extra good level on fire of course you don't wanna lose that and if you also you know in some ways I feel like it kind of haunts you like they put like a little bit of a negative like mark against your gigs and they don't rank as highly if you are penalized and for and actually I have been penalized for something that like I naively did and I thought it was like not a penalty not not a violation of the earth of the service but it ended up being a violation and then boom I got an email from their support saying oh my god like you know we really analyzing you and then you have to go to the whole thing getting deep analyzed and all that and who knows sometimes I think but still even if you get deep analyzed there is a little bit of a ding that they can give your account and it's harder to get your gigs to ring so that's something that mistake that's a mistake I made early on and I really want you guys to not make that mistake so I know it's boring to read this I'm not really boring but you got to okay just use it on you know as your bedtime reading so you can fall asleep better but no just kidding but but generally get familiar with it you can find it at slash terms underscore of underscore service and if you can't navigate there just search for five or terms of service on Google and you'll get to this page read it and that's yeah and get familiar with it.

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