Copywriting for description Part 2

Copywriting for description Part 2

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July 06, 2020

I: Introduction

Hello, my name is Adam. I will tell you about my experience with Fiverr.

II: Body

I will start by telling you the time when Fiverr was born. It started in 2009. Some professional people can do all kinds of things for only five dollars. People are very happy to use it because it is cheap, but they can get high quality services.

Then I will tell you how I found out about Fiverr. One day I saw a posting on Facebook. Someone said they could do my copywriting for five dollars. I was surprised and then I did a search of copywriting on There were a lot of copywriters there. I picked one that had a good rating and looked at his/her profile.

I chose a woman who was from India. She said she was a native English speaker and could write my paper for five dollars. I didn’t know how to make a job posting on Fiverr, so I asked her to make one for me. She did it and posted it for me. She said it would be ready in two days, but she was done in two hours. In two hours, I got a message from her telling me that she had finished my job and gave me the link to the posting on I couldn’t believe that she had done it so quickly! When I clicked on the link, the posting was done just as she described it. It looked very professional and was perfect for what I needed.

In conclusion, if you have a home business, Fiverr is a good way to find help from people living around the world for an affordable price. Now let’s talk about my home business freelance success story on Fiverr!

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