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July 22, 2020

Video Transcription: I want to show you how I sometimes am able to get one person who buys a five-dollar gig to end up spending hundreds of dollars with me okay this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy all on Fiverr and here's in this strategy I don't know I don't have a name for it I guess it's like the next gig up cell strategy right so here's what I do let's take for example I have a few business coaching gigs here's one let's go and look at what happens in there so for $5 a person basically gets by the way if you want us to be sneaky and promote your business check out what I do here right my t-shirt is has my domain name problemi Oh calm and people might look at this gig and go to problem you calm where I sell a few of my other product but that's neither here nor there I think this is more of a coincidence anyway back to this gig I spent 15 minutes with people talking you know giving them business coaching right of course 15 minutes is not nearly enough right so what do I do on the call first of all I upsell the 30 minute is it $20 and a full hour they can buy it for $40 and what happens is then I started on this call right I start to upsell a lot of stuff my other gigs because look at my other gigs let's say they need if they are like they need fundraising as I upsell this gig right if the starting a business of course all the people need money at some point right if they have a local business I have sold this gig which is a guide on how to promote a local business if it's if they have a like if they need business strategy if they're not strong in that then I actually upside down this getting right my guide and inside of my course on how to start a business and by the way when I give away my course like in this game for the local business or a Torre anytime actually I I sometimes like to give away my courses because these guys are paying customers to pay they don't pay a lot they start with five dollars but that's fine as long as they are paying customers they are going to be able to buy more so when I give them access to one of my courses guess what I have 60 courses then I send them emails saying hey you may be interested in these additional courses and that is something I do from the course because once once the person enrolls in the course they are able to get sales emails from me about my other courses so I might give one course for free but then the person might go on to buy a few of my other courses it's great for that person because they get tremendous discounts and it's great for me because I'm able to provide a lot of help but at the same time still make some money and so the rest of my gigs are sort of similar I have an event-based course right that I give away I AB cell another fundraising thing and I here are purely my facebook marketing course my business law udemy course my course on how to make money how to increase sales my Twitter marketing course my social media marketing course right i upsell a lot and guess what a lot of those gigs they have extra upsells in themselves so for example if like you start a business right of course it didn't start a business you need marketing and one of the major marketing things is SEO now what happens if I click on my SEO gig they here you know I also sell you know maybe like a good quality link so that they can rank higher and then once they get the link like oh I also have like a youtube video of all you need to promote so I have like a youtube gig somewhere here where people can you know I can make a youtube promotional video for them and so by the time that it's all done over and done with of course not everybody does this some people just need there need something they get it and take it out and they're fine but for many people they are as long as they genuinely are getting help they will keep working with you and you can structure your gigs to sell more and more and you know of course that's all staying within five our Terms of Service if you want to risk it and you want to get out of tak Fiverr Terms of Service you can easily do and basically make them no your own client charge them more and upsell them even more services like sell more links right because that link gig where the ACO link gig is you know you can make a limited number of links from different websites so essentially you can turn them into a regular client and find the service that they might consume and need again at some point later so they continue to come back to you right that's ideal that way you can make a lot of money from gigs and that's my next point is if you can figure out something that people can consume like for example I'll give you a really good example of a gig that I sometimes order all the time and it's a gig about promoting Kindle ebooks okay and that's a good thing you know I have Kindle books I need promotion for them and there's one particular seller who is very good at promoting Kindle books so what do I do I buy his gigs every month or two months or so right I'm a regular customer I love it he gives me good service and I've spent already hundreds of dollars with him and I've made more with him by spending that so that's a that's also something you should consider doing is something consumable that people can get and they can get it again promotion services are great for this giving away digital products is not because once you give a way digital a digital product while you already gave it away they don't need another same thing but if there's something that can be consumed like maybe I design getting right you make one design another at some point they might even resign at some point they might get another design it's not as natural but promotion things are great let's say you have like a million Facebook Likes right on your page and you can promote something to people right well somebody might come back again again and again if that is effective so fine effective promotional gigs post them and you'll get a lot of repeats people and by getting a lot of you people you're also getting you get your gig to eventually rank really well because you'll have a lot of orders and a lot of great reviews so those are the strategies to turn like a five dollar into a multiple hundred dollar gig.

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