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The Value of a Facebook Like

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January 21, 2020

Awesome let's start with 4.1 the value of a light so although this looks counter intuitive one like does not equal one light in the sense that somebody like in your page is far more valuable than the little light canner ticking up by one the value offered by light is offered through influenced advertising and momentum let's break these down and see what I mean so influence is the obvious one the accounts with high number of likes command more authority due to the social proof there is a lot of implied value to this fan page with 12,000 like compared to the same exact fan page with only 12 like this is the common vote that people associate with likes however advertising is another huge value that one like office because having a thousand likes is very similar to having an email list with a thousand emails there are absolutely no limits to how often you can interact and potentially sell or advertise your business to these likers lastly remember our social snowball when one friend likes a page they open a plethora of potential advertising to their entire friends list so their friends are able to see when they like your page but furthermore and much more important future momentum is also awesome so there is an ongoing potential to refer their friends to your page this is an example that two of my friends shared a link from this page that I had no idea existed until I saw this in my newsfeed so it's super important to understand this in order to have a true perspective on how much value alike actually brings to our page which justifies the work that we put in let's see how we get this like.

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