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The 3 Most Overlooked Facebook Like Strategies 

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January 21, 2020

Hi guys welcome to four point five I'm gonna walk you through the three most overlooked strategies to getting more lights so just one thing I wanted to point out is these strategies are called overlooked for a reason but I personally have used them for myself and my clients and I'm significantly increased my likes using these strategies so you may already know these strategies but I'm here to stress the importance of implementing these strategies to reaching out goals so the first one is your email foot on the average person sends over 4600 emails every single year that is prime real estate for advertising your facebook page in the bottom of your company emails you can even attach this footer to your employees emails just to reach more and more people remember to offer value in return for a like like in the example here below so I wrote check us out on Facebook for news stories entertainment and freebies I personally am inclined to click that to click that link especially if I'm familiar with the business this is a great way for just getting those extra little likes to boost this closer towards our goals the second strategy which I went over briefly in the last segment is adding a lightbox to your website so facebook create the lightbox for you the easiest way to find this site is to Google Facebook like box and the first link will be this page hoping you create the like box for your pages as you can see at the top this is where you enter all your details and you specify what you want the lightbox to look like this would be the preview of what your like Box looks like as you update the details and when you're happy with this simply click get code you'll be given the HTML code to put into your website and so when people visit your website I'm sorry when people visit your website they can see this like box and then they can like your page by simply clicking this like button right here this strategy is very beneficial and depending on the traffic on your website you will see a hue increase in your likes the third one is a little different it's offline some other business cards but it's explicitly asking for a light in offline conversations anytime you're talking about your business and someone shows interests simply ask if they're interested in following you on Facebook for updates again phrase this in a way that's non confrontational and offers value to them and you'll be surprised how many people will just pull out their phone find your page and give it a like remember every light counts and I like has a lot more value than it seems we want to get every single like we can to get this snowball rolling and in no time you'll find yourself with a thousand light.

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