Purpose of your Facebook Content

The purpose of your Facebook content

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March 11, 2021

Okay three point one is the purpose of your Facebook content it is super important to define the purpose of our Facebook content in order to stay on track with our goals which is without purpose we want to make sure every action and every update on our page leads up to us achieving our goals so you have to ask yourself what is this specific objective of every single Facebook update that you post here's a guideline that I use and almost all successful pages also follow this these strategies is 90 percent of the time you want to be interacting with your fans and providing value to them 10 percent of the time you want to be guiding your fans to perform an action and taking value from them interacting you want to provide value to your fans you want to strengthen the relationship by offering valuable information or entertaining things that your fans like in return you want to receive likes comments and shares and you want to create a strong symbiotic so two-way relationship between you and all of your fans here's an example from Microsoft's tour through during the Superbowl posted this picture with the title huddle up who are you rooting for Seahawks or Broncos so Microsoft don't really get anything out of this apart from providing value to their fans and creating a stronger relationship where their fans will a stronger connection to their page here's a motivational quote by Nike again providing their Lakers with motivation and as you can see it's had 487 shares and over three and a half thousand people have liked this page but as you can see they're not expecting anything in return apart from strengthening the relationship and providing value to their fan base guiding fans is what you should be doing in 10 percent or less of your updates so it could be directing fans to your website answering surveys or purchasing a product or service of yours essentially your fans are gonna be supplying you with value but if done correctly it should also be giving them value so it's never a hard sell it should never appear to be taking value or taking time away from them but instead encouraging your fans to take action let's have a look at this in some examples the Microsoft Store they put out titanfall and they allowed their fans to preorder this so again they're selling that product but as you can see how they phrased it the future of warfare is now pre-order titanfall today with their link 41 shares I don't know how many likes it's gonna be a couple of thousand and again they're essentially getting value from their fans but their fans in return are getting something they want and genuinely care about here's the Nike FuelBand so again Nike this time they're not interacting but they're guiding their fans to purchase the new Nike FuelBand they've written the smart simple and fun way to get more active again they phrase this like they're providing value to the customer by helping them get more active and have fun but essentially they're guiding their fan base to getting online and spending money on their product so once again this should be done less than 10 percent of the time and 90% of time you should be posting updates to strengthen your relationships I'll show you why in the next couple of segments.

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