Overview of Our Facebook Fan Journey

A Birds Eye Overview of Our Facebook Fan Journey

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January 21, 2020

Video Transcript: Hi guys a very warm welcome and a big congratulations for joining my facebook cause my goal is to get you all a thousand Facebook fans by the time you finish this course and have the knowledge to hit the next goal whatever it may be once we get the first thousand fans so really quickly I've set up a simple visual guide of the entire course just so you know where you are at at any point in time what you've got left to learn and you can tailor this course to suit you personally it's important to note that the course is set up in standalone modules so it's really easy to navigate back and forth depending on your skill level between these modules alright so I'm gonna I'm gonna walk you through it really quickly and it starts with module 1 which is how to optimize your Facebook page so we'll go through the five main elements of your Facebook fan page and why they're important how to optimize your page for like conversion so once people find your page how to increase the amount of people who actually click that like button and of course we'll be yelling through the basics of configuring your facebook settings so your page is doing everything you want it to do it is a more of a beginner module so if you are already intermediate to advanced I recommend skipping straight to the content the content module is very important I recommend that everybody takes the content module so essentially goes into a lot of detail about what types of content to post and why how to post your content most effectively in order to attract the most amount of likes shares comments and new subscribers to your Facebook page or new like is and where and how to source this content this is definitely from beginner all the way up to advanced as it breaks down every one of the factors in Facebook's algorithm in order to engage more people module 3 is likes so it's essentially the top proven strategies to kick-start your likes so going from 0 or a small amount of like say under 100 and starting to build that light account it's how to use your competition to your advantage and it's about finding your Facebook voice and personality module 4 is the next step to take after your likes its momentum and it's how to leverage the likes that you got in module 3 in order to work for you so you're gonna see exponential growth here because you're using what you've already earned and there's a couple of other strategies are introduced here such as a parallel interest page and cross promotion finally we're gonna be working with insights so it's about identifying and knowing what it's working well with your fans and using this knowledge to further excel your Facebook page so I'm gonna teach you how to track and know what's doing well so you can do more of that and even identify what's not doing so well so we can eliminate that make sure your fans are happy at all stage and you're optimizing your growth so this is a very simplistic layer about the Facebook course it is actually quite in-depth if I come over to the inside of the course content you can see this is how to optimize your page there are ten lectures in here going over each of your page characteristics finding and posting engaging Facebook content there's a lot of strategies in here getting your first Facebook Likes so there's I think there's six or seven individual strategies which I've seen huge success with including the relevant Facebook community power strategy which is by far the most powerful strategy in this course how to grow your Facebook Likes using momentum and finally had a review and adapt to insights you've also got to slide some resources and I'm constantly adding they frequently asked questions that you asked in the discussion to the bottom of the page in all sorts of formats I just uploaded this video of how to use the Facebook call-to-action button if you have any questions you want me to answer please ask them in the discussion and I will get to as soon as possible awesome guys enjoy the course and let me know if you have any questions.

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