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Module 2: introduction and contents

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January 21, 2020

Video Transcript: Hi guys welcome to module 2 I'm gonna show you how to establish an optimized Facebook page so that when people come to your Facebook page for the first time they're more likely to click the like button and this is not just anybody this is gonna be relevant likes because I'm gonna make sure you establish your page in a way that accurately portrays your business and therefore gets your target customers to place the like button here are the contents I'm gonna walk you through them really quickly two point one is your five critical elements of every fan page I'm going to give you an overview of the five elements that we're going to optimize on your page to point to I'm gonna show you how to create your page if you don't already have one created 2.3 we're gonna walk you through how to optimize your pages name two point four will be your profile picture and cover image two point five will be optimizing your page description two point six your apps and your tabs and then I'm gonna go on and show you how to optimize your page settings gonna show you how to create milestones an existing content on your page and lastly I'm gonna round out by showing you how to claim your vanity URL for your Facebook page if you don't know what some of these terms means let's get into it and break them down for you.

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