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Case study - live optimizing of a Facebook page

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January 21, 2020

Okay I'm here at facebook.com/ with my page skeleton which just means there's nothing on this page at all should look very similar if not identical to the one you have created what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna go through my five critical elements and show you step by step as I upload and create them exactly what I have done in order to have them optimized using the foundation of knowledge that I have described to you in this module so let's start with the page name here it is to edit the page name come over here to settings and then click settings page info is the second one on the left and you can see your name here click Edit on the top right so the name of my page is charisma on command click Save Changes and let's go back to our page and as you can see a name has been updated this is just the brand name again remember you keep your title as simple as possible if you want to add your location or a slogan to clarify exactly what you do please go ahead and do this charisma on command is one of those self describing titles so I'm gonna leave it as it is for now the second element of the page is out profile picture which is right here they make it really easy to add your profile pictures so simply click add profile picture and upload photo because it's saved on my computer find your photo on your computer and open it it'll upload here for you and as you can remember how to optimize your profile picture is one simplicity use very minimal colors as you can see here I've learned I've only used three colors white black and orange and also make sure it's a symbolic looking image because it does display very small here on your Facebook page but also around the Facebook website it'll be displayed very small and you want it to be recognizable when it is displayed small so the other part of the second element is obviously your cover image again they make it very easy to add a cover by just clicking add a cover you can choose from your photos if you had some uploaded or upload photo from folder here's my header image just gonna open that and it'll let you drag to reposition because we have created this at the perfect size 851 by 315 pixels there's there's no drag capability here if your if your picture was larger you'd be able to drag it so it's position perfectly as you want it so single click Save Changes here as you can see that images are optimized to be to have great continuity with each other the black the orange and the white I have a little bit of grain here with a what what I would call a charismatic face and of course the website on the top left just to try and get people familiar with the website and the brand on the right I've made sure to write a line the main features of this image as you can see most of the text is over here on the right and is that she I've used this opportunity to abuse the opportunity of this cover image to advertise a competition which is very useful to do because as you know the cover image gets the most eyes out of any element on your page it is also adding value to my page and gives other people and gives people a greater incentive to like the page one other thing I'll point out that I've done here as I've used this little black bar here to help highlight the title of the page so one the title is displayed it is in this little black box so it so it is more prominent to the viewer once again as you can remember if you want to have a button on here if this win was a button you could click this and simply add a description and insert a link here to where your competition was or to your home page so people can access that the third element I'm gonna put on this you Facebook page the third element I'm gonna add to this Facebook page is a brief description so this is your short description you also have a long description which I'll get to in a moment so to write a short description simply click Edit on the right and insert your short description here I have one pre-made click Save Changes and as you can see if you go back to your page it'll be updated so what I want to point out is I have optimized it's this description to have keywords such as charisma I've also offered value through this by telling people they can inspire impress and energize everyone that they meet by following this page and following this brand and I've also had a cold action which is check out our website below there's arrows down here putting to the website so let's go ahead and add our website in here now so click enter your website here's the box be sure to include the HTTP and the full address like that so click Save Changes that'll update for you if you come back to our page you'll be able to see our new website down here and it does not display the HTTP so it is very clean and simple looking again the arrows are pointing down I can add a couple more arrows if I want but I like the way it looks at the moment so as you can see apart from the apps and the tabs our Facebook page is almost fully optimized for users when they come on they're gonna be more likely to click the like button now than they were when it was just the page skeleton so what we want to do now is add a starting status of acknowledgment if you can remember we want to acknowledge that our Facebook page is new and paint a picture for what content will be posted on this Facebook page so people can get familiar with there our brand and know if they're gonna want to like our page they can also understand what they can expect to see in the future from our page which helps us get relevant likes so the pub so a post a starting status simply click here ok so here you can see I have our status status of acknowledgment now when people come to our web page they'll be able to see this and understand what we're primarily about and also what and also it'll make sure our page is not just totally blank so they're more inclined to press alike the other important detailed ad is to upload one or two statuses or updates that portray the type of content you're gonna be uploading in the future so they can understand what so once again they can understand what we're going to be having on our site and what they're enrolling - by pressing the like button so to upload this starting content simple click photo or video or you can do a status if you wanted to I'm gonna upload a photo that I've previously created in the next module I'm gonna show you exactly how to find create and post great content that people like so here's one that I've created so again this represents so again this accurately represents what we will be posting in the future so now when people come to this page not only will they see this photo they will see our starter status of acknowledgment they'll be able to get to our website they see what we're about and they also see that we have a competition running which I'm going to use an app to facilitate and they can see our brands picture here so the last thing we have to do is add an event or milestone so here we go an event will be in the future a milestone is in the past so if we click milestone so we can pick a date that the milestone was achieved have the title of the milestone here so say if your company was created you could have a photo that you could add here to help personalize it a location of where it was created and a story this was the day that our company was born if you have a photo on there or if you founders it's gonna be really it's gonna help really personalize this page and as you can see when you come down here to that date you can see the milestone I'm gonna edit this so it looks a little better I'm gonna throw a photo in there and make it the correct date if you want to come over to our page charisma on command you'll be able to see exactly how it looks awesome so this is everything you need to know and all the steps you need to take to get a page exactly like this now that we have an optimized page so that when people visit our page that they will press the like button we're next gonna figure out how to get great content how to find it and how to create it and when to post and how to post it in order to increase our exposure and then in module five we're gonna get our Facebook Likes off and running gonna build from our zero likes not sure why this says one it should be zero to our thousand let's do it together I'm excited guys I'll see you in the next module.

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