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Case Study - Live demonstration of getting likes

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January 21, 2020

Awesome so now the next step is I'm gonna show you how to invite your friends to like the page as you can see now we have two likes I'm going to come down here to this box on the left hand side it's called invite your friends to like your page chain so what you have to do is you can either click on this and insert a friend's name but the easier way to this is to click see your friends and that will give you a list with all your friends and all you have to do is come down the side and simply click invite to all the friends that you think would like your page you can send to all your friends if you want there's actually a JavaScript code that you can get and paste in your URL bar and that will allow you to send it to all your friends at once it's not recommended by Facebook and I'm not gonna show you exactly how to do it here but just give that at Google Facebook invite friends JavaScript and you'll get the code and if you wanted to invite them all at once that's how you do it if not you come in and simply just click the invitation button here and your friends will then get a notification on their account and they can choose whether or not they like your page okay I have just awesome I have just finished inviting all my friends to like this page so you can see the likes are slowly coming in it's only been about 2 minutes I'm anticipating about between 30 and 100 likes from my friendship groups but now I'm gonna show you the next step of what I'm going to do I'm gonna build a relevant light community so what I want to do is I want to find pages similar to mine to like so I can then get their updates and interact with their customer base so I found one magazine called charisma magazine from Florida I'm just going down and just browsing making sure that they are relevant to my page as you can see charisma is not the best keyword to use if I use self-development come down see more results click pages you can see there are a lot better there are a lot better results to use let's try personal development he's a good one personal development and inspiration based in New York New York has 120,000 likes all are gonna be relevant to my charisma on command page so just come in and click the ones that you think you're gonna be relevant just click that like button scroll down and click see more results to get more results just keep changing up the keyword eventually you get this awesome community where you have all your competitors and all similar pages to yours there for you in your newsfeed I'm gonna build mine and I'll get back to you once it's built ok so I found a few relevant pages that I'd like to advertise to and get their customers in front of my page so I've got a few fitness pages some motivation pages that's my page of course and also some charisma pages so I've got a whole range of different pages but all the fans are relevant to my business page so now what I have to do is I have to get in front of them and reach their fans so I start by liking similar pages statuses once again there's nothing here to comment on so there's nothing there to comment on but come down to one with comments and simply like comments ones with tags and we're great and what that does is it notifies these people of your page like I explained in the theory section and then they'll come see that notification and potentially like your page in return hi guys welcome back I thought I'd give you a 24 hour update on my page as you can see here I have 155 likes this is a combination of the community pal strategy inviting my friends and also posting to Twitter I still have a few strategies as you know from the theory section of my sleeve but this is the initial surge of likes that I received you can obviously have added an app so this is how I plan to get email addresses from my fans into my a web email forms so to win this one month of coaching so you can see I've added the how to win in the description here and all I have to do is come down here and click this and enter the email like the page and they entered on the right-hand side you can see the content we've already put on the page has also got some engagement with it a lot of lags a few comments it's done quite well I treat 237 people even though only 155 people liked the page you can see I've been updating it with content to keep it fresh to keep it on other people's minds and the status status of acknowledgment also was very beneficial to have so I'm going to continue using these strategies and I'll get a thousand likes I'm predicting within one to two weeks for this page so I'm gonna continue these strategies to build my likes towards that goal of a thousand I'm also gonna accelerate this momentum that we're creating by using the strategies in the next section so I'll see we're over there to explain what they are.

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