Introduction to Grow your Facebook Likes

Module 5: Introduction and Contents 

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January 21, 2020

Excellent guys we're here in module five welcome this is gonna teach you now that we have our foundation of likes and we have achieved our first few Facebook Likes hopefully over 100 by now if you've done really well we should have over 500 and well on our way to getting that goal of a thousand again all the strategies that I've taught you so far are replicable and you can keep doing them over and over and continuously growing your fan base so if you're not quite up to this stage simply just stay using our strategies in module four and get that fans up to those hundred and then this module will become relevant for you so I'm gonna quickly go over growing your Facebook fans which means you're gonna leverage the fans that you already have on your page in order to get more fans so the first one will be cross promoting finding similar pages and cross promoting each other's pages for additional exposure and trading likes for likes basically relevant likes for likes that is 5.2 will be a parallel interest page this strategy is really unique and I really love doing it I'm not gonna go into too much detail here I'll just get on with it and show you exactly what it let's dive in the module 5.

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