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Module 4: Introduction and Contents 

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January 21, 2020

Awesome guys welcome to module for getting your first Facebook Likes I'm super glad that you've made this far and I'm excited to share this knowledge with you let's have a look at the contents page for what we're gonna go over in module four so four point one I'll go through the value of a like four point two will be how not to get Facebook Likes 4.3 4.4 we'll be leveraging existing Facebook friends and leveraging existing customers four point five will be the three most overlooked like strategies four point six will be how to offer value four point seven is how to connect in relevant Facebook groups four point eight will be the awesome awesome relevant community power strategy four point nine will be defining your Facebook voice and 4.10 will be excelling with customer service all of these segments above centered around getting more visibility and more likes and increasing your reach on Facebook let's get into it.

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