An Introduction of Facebook Pages

An introduction of Facebook and Facebook pages

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January 21, 2020

Video Transcript: Hi guys welcome to module one of our step-by-step guide to your first 1,000 lights this is the introduction and overview module so what I'm gonna go through in this module is I'm going to give you a super brief outline of Facebook pages I'm gonna give you the purpose of having a Facebook page why you should choose Facebook over other social media networks I'm gonna give you one point for three critical Facebook mindsets they're the most empowering mindsets to have in order to optimize your Facebook results as quickly and as efficiently as possible and 1.5 I'm just gonna give you a quick overview about strategy to achieve our first thousand likes okay let's get started 1.1 a super brief outline of Facebook pages if you already have an understanding of Facebook page just skip onto 1.2 if not stay with me here and we'll quickly go through what is a Facebook page so what is a Facebook page is the question a Facebook page is a representation of your business organization or brand on so every Facebook page on has a fixed Universal layout that Facebook have decided to use that has five key features that are critical to your success so here is a screenshot of the Facebook fan page you can see three of the five critical features which is the display picture this blue F the title Facebook and the header image the other two are down here on the left hand side column one of them are the apps and the tabs and the other is your page description gonna go into specific and high detail later in the course but for now I'm just introducing the topics so a Facebook page for your business or a Facebook page in general differs from a personal profile that you may already have because you do not have friends I know it sounds sad but instead of friends you have likers or fans so instead of adding someone as a friend and having a two-way notification street in your newsfeed so if I add you as a friend you're obviously my friend we get updates from each other instead I will like your page and I will see updates from you but you will not see updates for me it's a one-way communication street and those updates will obviously be displayed in the likers newsfeed so if you don't know what a newsfeed is really quick a newsfeed is a dynamic list of stories from people and pages that you follow or are friends with on Facebook here is a picture of your newsfeed so it's the homepage of Facebook when you are logged in you get to it by clicking this home button up here this is just a screenshot but this is where the updates of each individual friend or page that you follow will display so I have liked this page body building and life motivation and therefore I get their updates in my newsfeed when I go to my Facebook home page this is another update from them and as you can see the updates just stack on top of each other and you can scroll down and browse all the updates so if someone likes your page it's really an amazing opportunity because you are able to share stories updates promotions from your business with every single person potentially that like your page within their newsfeed so when they log on to Facebook they can see all your updates right there in front of them and they're able to interact and connect through them okay so one point two is the purpose of your Facebook page or why have a Facebook page so common reasons the most common reasons I've listed below let's touch on them really quickly so obviously lead generation is a big one to acquire new customers to promote and sell your products is always a really big one and a great opportunity to do on Facebook I'll teach you how to do it exactly later in the cost to network with similar businesses to interact and build strong relationships that's with similar businesses customers media which I'll touch on in to dot points time so web 2.0 is another big one so search engine optimization for your website is always increased with a strong Facebook page are you able to attract and connect with media and therefore increase your reach and exposure and the last one is keep up with all the cool kids a lot of people create a Facebook page just because everyone else has it and everyone else is doing it not the best reason but I think a lot of people can relate to that a lot of these reasons above are probably very familiar and probably the reasons why you've actually created a Facebook page or looking to a create a Facebook page let me point out one really important observation that I have made about these common reasons 100 percent of reasons why people create a Facebook page fall under these two following categories they want to share contribute content to their community and promote their business and they also want to connect they want to reach new customers they want to reach new fans connect with competitors and connect with the media and why is this important because now we know why we want to use Facebook and have categorized that we can optimize how we use Facebook to fall under our ultimate goals and therefore make the process of achieving these goals more efficient so now we know what we want to do with our Facebook page how do we measure our sharing and connection success in an objective way it's really simple Facebook Likes which is why you have bought this course in order to increase his likes because you know this is the best way to measure your facebook success is in your Facebook Likes however all likes are not created equally likes must be relevant for your industry so you know people are actually interested in your business and your products and even your general updates and lights must also be genuine so they're real human Facebook users if they are not any of these two things above it's really pointless in having these Facebook Likes I'm gonna touch on fake like is verse real like is but I just want to voice my opinion upfront that I am NOT a fan of fake Facebook like it or non-targeted Facebook like is and I'll explain this in detail why later and let you make your own choice if you choose that it's not important to that your likes relevant and genuine I can also offer you a strategy to get over a thousand likes in less than five minutes which will be awesome if that's what you're looking for the social proof if not continue with this course and let's get our relevant and genuine likes so to summarize what our Facebook page purpose is and this is a very important point of the course be great if you could write it down throw it in a note somewhere and this is our Facebook page purpose we want to get facebook likes in order to share ank necked to genuine and relevant people that's it and that is the ultimate goal at the end of this course to give you the knowledge and the step-by-step plan to get this done so 1.3 is why Facebook there are a lot of social media sites there's a lot of other ways you can be spending your time why would you spend your precious time learning this course and then spend this the rest of your time implementing these strategies on Facebook Facebook is a place to connect which as you know connecting with sharing are one of the two main things that we are seeking out so Facebook's slogans are the years I've been connecting people Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you be connected we discovered be on Facebook the forth Facebook slogan which is very strange they had an ad campaign a couple of years ago you can google this for more information but it was chairs a like Facebook doesn't really touch on that connection but as you can see above the primary purpose of Facebook is to connect so how many people actually use Facebook here is their Facebook growth from 2009 2012 as you can see it's been steadily rising and as of February 2014 Facebook has over one point two three billion users which is incredible and is an amazing opportunity to connect with these people another great stat about Facebook is it has 4.5 billion likes processed every single day this is pages and articles and the great news is we're only looking for a thousand of these likes so that is just zero point zero zero zero zero two percent of the total daily likes it kind of puts our goal in perspective and shows you exactly how much opportunity and potential your page has on Facebook so let's go and get up 1.4 is your Facebook mindset I'm gonna teach you the most empowering mindsets to have to achieve all of our Facebook goals something super important to understand how to most efficiently approach your Facebook campaign if you could take one thing away from this course these mindsets would be the most beneficial for you here they are I'm gonna give you an overview and I'm gonna tackle them one by one so the first one is to engage the second is to target your audience and the third one is to earn momentum let's have a look at exactly what these mean so to engage what you want to do with your Facebook page is you want to engage all of your fans and potential fans you want to listen connect and offer value to them as opposed to broadcasting updates and just blatantly advertising things that they don't want so you want to understand and connect with your fans as if they are some of your closest friends you want to ask them about themselves and learn about their interests and you actually wanna be genuine about this you should be interested because these are your potential customers who are going to spend money on your business you should know the most you can about them and connect on a genuine level build relationships with your fans put yourself in the position of the fan most of you are probably already fans of other Facebook pages ask yourself how would you like to be treated and what type of relationship would you like to have with this page in order for you to really like this page and engage with their updates and buy their products and then replicate that so here's an example from one of my pages called achieve greatness where he is Santa has sent me a message through through the inbox and has written I want to know that a fit body can be brought only by Jim why not phrased how to percent correctly but you get the you get the message I write back no but a Jim is a very efficient way to build a fit body there are plenty of alternatives with little winky face I could have offered a little bit more value and provided a few of the alternatives or maybe an article that addresses his question here I'm just building a personal relationship with one of my many many lacquers and the consequence of this is when jeaious Anka then sees me in his newsfeed he then has a stronger connection with my facebook page and is more likely to support and engage and share all of my future updates here's an example from Zumba Fitness a very large Facebook account where samantha has written where Zumba classes again not a one-percent phrase correctly you'd still understand the main idea the question she's wanting to know where those number classes are the official Canada's number fitness has written hi Samantha to find Anna's number class Anu you visit and they've supplied a link which if you follow this link it'll show you exactly where you can enroll in Zumba classes in your locale very helpful they provide value they're friendly and their personal writing using first names and directly addressing questions so one last point I want to make before I move on is make sure you're posting for your fans the entire purpose of your page updates supporting used to post an update or a status the the purpose of your page must be providing value to your community of lackeys otherwise there is no reason to actually like your page in the first place so the summarize I've put together a juxtaposition a comparison of an engaging verse non engaging Facebook page and I want you to ask yourself which would you prefer your Facebook page to be so this first is a non engaging page a non engaging page is constantly pushing boring updates or products and services onto people who don't want or understand them they're repetitively posting updates that get minimal views and no interaction while constantly feeling like they're spending hours of their time talking to a brick wall to compare that to an engaging page an engaging page is running a vibrant engaging Facebook community where relationships are being built and interesting topics and ideas are consistently being discussed and shared people on your page are becoming further educated about your products and your industry but best of all people are increasing your reach by freely sharing your content with all of their Facebook friends having you do none of the work and having these people who you built these relationships with through the hard yards for you the second mindset you want to embrace is to target your audience you want to make sure you're genuine you want to make sure you're generating genuine interest in your Facebook page and not just getting likes to get your numbers up another quick comparison I've put together for you is a targeted fan against a non-target a fanpage again I want you to answer the question which would you prefer and why so the first is hey you now have a thousand Facebook fans on your page right now but they don't need and they don't want your product or service they're also unfamiliar with your business and unfamiliar with your industry alternatively you now have 10 Facebook fans on your page they all need and they all love your product or service they're all interested and very passionate about your business or your industry personally I would much prefer be even though you have 100 of the amount of fans as you wouldn't hate you are gonna have so much more success and achieve your actual goals of creating new customers and extending your reach by having these 10 fans as opposed to the thousand we're gonna go through exactly why later in the course but make sure you ask yourself which one you prefer again if it's if you prefer a it's totally fine I'll give you great strategies to achieve thousands of Facebook fans like it the ones in 8 it's great for social proof but doesn't do much else so by defining a target audience you create genuine interest with your fans you encourage more interaction and engagement because it's something that they're familiar with or interested in you also receive more appreciation and understanding of what you're posting and ultimately you convert more customers because these are your potential customers and not just random people the third and final mindset which is absolutely awesome when you put into practice is the mindset of earning momentum and capitalizing on your efforts so earn is written I've written earn because social media is not free and although I'm going to show you how to get likes without spending a dollar without spending a cent it takes hard work it does take time and it takes knowledge you add the knowledge here you have the guide here but you are gonna have to put in a little bit of time and a little bit of work in order to see results why is this a good thing why is this a good thing it's great news because we have the opportunity as people with this knowledge and guide to rise above everybody else and use Facebook to accelerate our businesses success because if it was easy everybody would do it I know it's cliche but it's very true in this situation there are not many pages who succeed in fact the average Facebook business page has 58 likes and if we take at the top 20% of pages the average business page on Facebook has only 16 likes which is horrible I don't think anyone would want their business to have just 16 likes one of the main reasons why this is such a low number because people don't understand the momentum aspect of facebook these 16 likes the hardest 16 likes you will ever have to work for the first like is your hardest like to get once you have 1,000 or even 10,000 likes you're going to be getting more than 16 likes every single day without having to do much work but you have to earn that momentum early in the game this is a this is a mindset I like to call our social snowball it's pretty catchy I'm gonna be referring to a lot but just keep this analogy in your mind the whole time you want to be you're grinding it out is you're building this snowball it's getting bigger and bigger and then the more it builds the easier it gets to reach higher and father as your snowball rolls down the hill picking up speed on momentum you'll be able to write it out and get really really great results so this is the social snowball remember the name remember the theory I'm gonna be referring back to it a lot so 1.5 finally gonna round out module 1 it's gonna be an overview of our strategy to get our first thousand likes how are we gonna do it without using ads here's the goal if you already have a thousand likes our goal is for the next sales if you don't this is everybody's goal we want to reach that one thousand likes this takes us back to the social snowball theory and it shows us that likes are exponential and not linear so at whether lines crusts are a thousand likes a lot of people are like 1,000 likes say takes us two months to get there that's 15 likes every single day it's not true if you get 15 likes in your first week I would say that is a very very strong first week you're going to be picking up like as your snowball rolls down the hill and this is important to remember I also personally guarantee the results of a thousand likes for every single person taking this course if you stick to these strategies in this video course there is no doubt in my mind you will hit this dazzl max in a very short period of time I personally have done it in less than one week I'd say the average will be about one month if however you don't reach your thousand likes and you're really struggling with faced with these facebook strategies I'm prepared to offer a one-hour Skype consultation personalized to your Facebook account and help you get to this 1000 likes if you spend a sufficient amount of time and can show me that you that you've tried hard to employ these strategies already this is normally valued at $299 for an hour of my time I'll give it to you free if you write me an email I'll provide my email in the at the end of this course we have a two-step process that is going to ensure we get our thousand likes in the most efficient way possible again remember our lakhs are gonna be genuine and relevant and they're going to be awesome for your business the first step will be create an appealing Facebook page so we wanted to accurately represent your business so we can get the relevant likers we want it to be optimized to be aesthetically appealing we also want to optimize it for first-time viewers why because 95 percent of people once they visit your page and like it will not return we want to make sure we're focusing our efforts on converting these first-time viewers of our page to pressing the like but.on essentially we're creating an incentive to like when we get traffic on the page so we're optimizing our conversion from people on the page to life in step one step two is to promote our page again promote we're gonna be using 100% 100% proven free strategies to promote our page and we were therefore discover relevant likes through this promotion and then conversion so I've made this quick graphic to give you an overview of our strategy so you can you get a bird's-eye view and as I go through the course you can put the pieces of the puzzle in the right spot so you get a really comprehensive and full understanding of exactly what we're going to do I'm super excited let me explain this really quick step one is in the middle that is our optimized facebook business page again the more optimized our pages the higher rate of likes will be for people on the page so as you can see on the right I have 10% of people liking the page and 90% of people not liking it's not a dislike the page you can't just like a Facebook page it's they don't press the like button so our goal is to maximize this 10% to the highest number it can be by creating our peeling page the second step is to get the 1.2 3 billion people currently on Facebook to look at our P unfortunately we're not gonna be able to get all of them well I'm gonna show you the best strategies to get as many people as you can onto the page and therefore increase the number of people going through our funnel so that's the second step the first step is to create our page in the most appealing and optimized way possible so let's go and create it guys I'll see you in module 2.

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