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Offer Value

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January 21, 2020

Four point six guys welcome it's called offering value again it's another very important point as you can see by the little red VIP I've put for you in the top left corner so this is a really really common but it's also the number one most disempowering belief that people have with their facebook page that really restricts them reaching their goal of a thousand likes or whatever their goal is this is why the average amount of likes on a Facebook page is 16 people are under the impression that because they have a Facebook page that entitles them to receiving likes this is the furthest thing but true you have to actually offer value to receive likes so I want you to do this really quick exercise in your head to help remove this limiting belief put yourself in the customers position and ask yourself this question why would you like your own page if you are not associated with your company if you clicked on a link to your own page and were unfamiliar with your own company would you be inclined to click the like button when you reach their page and why or why not so if you would click that like button it's the page is obviously offering you value in some way or another if you wouldn't there is nothing that you would get valuable in exchange for your lakh so the really essential and key point here is to offer value to your fans through your page in order to get them to click the like button and give you value in return so if the answer was no or even if the answer was yes have a look at the most common reasons people click the like button on Facebook I'm going to quickly read through and give you a brief description of these reasons and as I do think about which of these strategies can you implement on your Facebook page to help increase the amount of people clicking that like so 41% the number one reason why people like Facebook pages is to receive promotions or discounts for the products of that business this is something that anybody can do and again 41% of likes I received for this reason so 39% is to show support for the company again leverage your friends and your existing customers and get these essential likes to help getting that snowball rolling freebies or coupon is similar to the first reason this is one of the easiest strategies to offering value really easier to implement and advertise and as you can see really effective having the top two of the top three reasons why people like the page to stay informed about the company so just make sure you have great content again fun and entertainment have great entertaining fun and informative content access to exclusive content is another big one almost falls under the same heading as freebies coupons discounts and promotions but can also be like exclusive blog posts or information that you wouldn't be able to see unless you liked your page education in the company's industry interact and provide feedback to the company there the smaller ones but again twenty four and thirteen percent is very high so have a look here and once again ask yourself which of these strategies can you implement you don't have to implement them all one or two it's probably preferable because then you can focus on that and people want to get overwhelmed by all the value you're offering so find a combination of these reasons and even some of your own reasons that you have and make them apparent on your page so when the people or when you go to your own page and imagine that you're not associated with your company you would still be inclined to click that like.

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