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Leverage Existing Facebook Friends

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January 21, 2020

Hi guys welcome to 4.3 leverage existing Facebook friends now this is an awesome opportunity to build that foundation structure of likes from people that know and trust and want to support your business so how many Facebook friends do you have for example if you have a thousand friends and you get just a three percent conversion rate from your invitations you now have 30 new likes and that is an absolutely huge step towards our first goal of a thousand likes and this will happen in just the first couple of days if you can get this 30 likes in the first two days you have started that momentum and really put yourself in a good position to reach your goal I put this here just to show you the true potential of inviting a few friends to like your page you invite 500 of your friends and every friend has 500 friends you have a potential 250 thousand people that will view your page that is if you hit a hundred percent success ratio and no that's impossible or close to impossible but this just shows you the true potential of this small action so how do we increase our percentage our conversion percentage for the maximum possible so we can get more likes on our page I like to use a strategy called I call follow-up inbox so for a select few of your friends send them a personalized message following the generic invitation here's a template I quickly put together feel free to copy it and change it as to suit your page let me read through it really quickly so hey Jimmy how are you I wanted to ask for 7 seconds of your time I just created my Facebook page for my insert page business here and I'm trying to gain some momentum with my page likes so be honest and be genuine and they can connect and they'll be more willing to help at the moment I only have 19 likes absolutely no obligation but if you could help like my page it would really help me out I think you may also be very interested in the content that I will post there all the best Benji or your name now the most important part of this is to add your age to the bottom so the person you're messaging doesn't have to do any work and try and find this page and help like it all they have to do is click the like box that will be attached in the message I'll click the link and they'll see your page see if they will actually like the content that you're posting and click the like to help support you the second strategy I like to use is a follow-up status so creating a status on your personal profile that advertises your page and what this does is it reaches people in more than one place if your friend sent you a generic invitation and then they posted a status asking asking for support and some help you're more likely that you've seen this thing in two places you know that this person serious and actually wants some help and support you're much more likely to like their page and give them a little support than just a generic invitation through your notifications here's an example I put together really quick for pizza it's obviously not my page but just an example I wrote hey all I would love it if you could check out my new page for my new pizza place then again the most important thing is to have this link included because as you can see down the bottom of the status it gives a preview of the pizza app page where people can just come down to that like button and like your page from your status it's very very convenient and very easy for people to support you once again I think it's super important that you can get this foundation of likes and the style of your momentum rolling and really pushing it our social snowball down that hill over the first couple of days I personally have done this from my account and one time I got over 100 likes in 24 hours just from the support of my friends and network group.

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