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Your Facebook Voice

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January 21, 2020

We're here at 4.9 your Facebook voice so welcome so it's really important to understand that people want to feel as if they're interacting with a person and not a machine when they interact with your Facebook page so how do you do this you have to understand that every Facebook page has a unique and different voice to anybody else so it's super super important that you consciously choose what your Facebook voices in order to have the most empowering voice to achieving your goals so depending on the industry that you're in the type of business that you run it's gonna be different but there are voices that are gonna be far more beneficial for you to use in order to get you closer to your goals so here are a few popular types of Facebook page voices I've given you a full range here just to get some ideas from have a look around Facebook have little key competitors that are doing well and see what the type of voice they use is and maybe even just copy that a little bit here are a couple examples for you this is ones from which is as you can see very professional very structured and very purposeful all the Forbes links share these characteristics and they made sure they maintain this continuity of these characteristics throughout all of that up because it is very important you remain consistent in the voice that you use so people can get familiar with your personality of your business is an example from McDonald's which is more fun a little bit innocent and quite witty which is the voice that McDonald's embody in all of their posts as you can see it's very different to Forbes PricewaterhouseCoopers this is more similar to Forbes it's very factual very structured and again very purposeful and as you can see as an as an accounting company that's probably very important to them as opposed to McDonald's which is more consumer based and they like to be entertaining where PricewaterhouseCoopers and Forbes are more informative one more example is college humor as you can see they are more much more playful much more risky and very light-hearted because again the website is College Fremont comm so this is the voice there is no suited to their business and helps them achieve their goals in the quickest time so have a look at the list I gave you or have a look around Facebook and get some ideas and make sure you consciously choose two or three characteristics for your Facebook voice that you think will be the most empowering write them down and make sure you try to embody them throughout all of your updates remaining consistent giving your page more continuity and something people can relate to.

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