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How to Find the Best Facebook Content

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January 21, 2020

Excellent so now we've met at three point seven finding the best Facebook content for your Facebook page so it's important to know that the best content is different for every single page and every single business and their respective industries however I'm gonna give you a few general resources that are most likely going to be very helpful in finding great content so here are the four I'm gonna go over Pinterest reddit Facebook and injure as you can see most of these image based which I find are the most effective things to post on my Facebook page so Pinterest is a pinboard style photo sharing website let me show you exactly how to use Pinterest to find content relevant to your business so here we are a Pinterest calm p IM te r EST comm it's a really awesome site for getting great pitches for your Facebook page for almost any industry or category so let's have a look for example I've recently typed in technology you ran a technology focused page come in here and have a look at a few really simple images that you could post that your fan base may find interesting I'm gonna show you one from my charisma on command page so for example I'm just gonna type in charisma quotes really broad and something that's not searched often but have a look you get premade quotes ready for your Facebook page all I have to do is copy this paste this onto my desktop and then re-upload it on my charisma page once again you absolutely any category is possible baseball you get great baseball pitches there is a ridiculous amount of content also on this page so just keep scrolling and you will find something you like collect it together and schedule it at once that's let's have a look at reddit now so reddit is a social news and entertainment website that is ranked by popularity of each post for those of you not familiar let's have a look at reddit and how we can use it to find the best content alright guys I'm here at reddit calm this is a very popular website if you're not familiar with it I'm gonna show you how to get great content from this site to repost and reshare on your Facebook page so reddit works by having a front page and then all the content is separated into what they call subreddit which means that is how they categorize all the content on their website as you can see this picture is categorized under our pics so our pics is a subreddit by clicking on this it'll take me to Reddit for /aa four slash pigs of course short for pitches and it will show me all of the most popular pitches for today this is how many up votes the content has got so the best thing about this is they saw the content by the most popular to least popular by upward and down vote system this is great because you know what people react to and respond to and therefore you can always have quality content on your Facebook page so the most important thing is getting relevant content so you want to find sub reddits or URLs sub reddits which are categories with relevant content to your Facebook page the best way to do this is come over to Reddit and have a look at the most popular sub reddits see if you can find a few that are relevant to your facebook page if your page was about sports have a look at our sports sort by top you can sort by top from all time this year the month I'm gonna go by all time and it'll show you the most popular content in sports of all time I'm gonna view these images they will have great content that you can reshare in your Facebook page that you know people will like Facebook is may not be an obvious one because we're posting the Facebook but it's amazing how much each piece of content gets cycled around and around through Facebook pages you can find what's already popular on Facebook and you know it's gonna get a good reaction from your fans because you've seen how fans on Facebook react to this let's have a look at how to use Facebook to find the best content okay so I hope this site looks familiar this is of course I'm logged in as one of my page accounts achieve greatness so I'm on my newsfeed right now and what I have done is I have liked a lot of similar pages to mine so they're all fitness and inspiration and motivation centered accounts and what happens here is if I come to my news feed I can see the content that these accounts have posted and how many people have interacted and liked and shared the this content so here's a great video from Jim means that I have a lot of shares and a lot of likes so that's a guy drinking milk while running on a treadmill doing funny things in the gym people are gonna like that if I post it to my page they would also like that so I could simply reshare that through my page or I could find the video and repost it through my page as well so there's an endless amount of content you can just be reposting and re sharing through our facebook page and the best thing once again about this is you know people like it and will interact with it because it's proven already and lastly MJ MJ is a image hosting website it is essentially the same as Flickr and Photobucket I personally prefer it because it's easier to navigate and easier to search but any photo hosting or sharing website will do the same thing let's have a look how to take advantage of these websites awesome so finally I'm here at MJ comm and as you can see on the home page they have sorted the images by the most viral images of today sorted by popularity so they have ranked for you the most popular images today on the Internet so it's really easy to come in here and find one that's relevant to your business page and simply copy and paste it into your status and therefore you can repost it to your fans the other cool function this has if you head back to the home page is a search bar it's already filled with basketball so let's have a look at basketball and you can see the best and most popular basketball images on the Internet as well that's MJ calm I am GUI calm come in and have a play around and I'm sure you'll find some awesome content here.

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