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Create your Facebook page

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January 21, 2020

So 2.2 is create your page so it's important to understand right now we're just creating a page a lot of people including myself want to make sure everything is perfect before they put anything out there what we're doing is we're creating a page skeleton so it's gonna have nothing on it as I walk you through the steps you'll be able to update the five critical elements and change them as we go so head over to for /pages /mediabox 0 0 1 really easy to sign up just go to home page and follow the step by step guide if you do you'll see a similar page to this when you get to this URL they give you six categories to choose from and depending on what type of business you run you choose a different category each category also has subcategories so make sure you come in here and do your research and see which one best suits your needs I'm gonna make a brand page today so I'm coming in here clicking brand or product coming down to product or service click and then here you enter your brand or product name so again we're just creating the page skeleton so just type anything in there you can type your product name the next segment of this module will tell you exactly what you should be using as your name so for now I'm just gonna keep name as my name then come down here and click get started you'll then go through this four step process to set it up you need to type a description web site is not needed at the moment here's your vanity URL we're gonna get to all this stuff later so again just save your info skip your profile picture add this to favorites here so it's easy to access from your Facebook homepage no need to add a payment method to skip that and we now have our page skeleton I wouldn't like your page at the moment we're going to use momentum strategies to make sure everyone likes at the same time and therefore you can reach more people but as you can see now I have a very very simple very basic page template or two page skeleton that we can now build on now that we have the Facebook page created I want you to do a little bit of research yourself in pages that are gonna be similar to yours and just have a look what they're doing see what they look like and get some inspiration some ideas before I break them down individually so just so you have a foundation of knowledge in your head so you can try pulse slash pages will show you popular pages on facebook or you could just Google top Facebook company pages and just see what they're doing and get an idea of it.

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