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Module 3: introduction and contents

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January 21, 2020

Hi guys welcome to module three in this module I'm gonna show you exactly how to find and how to post engaging content so you get the highest engagement rates and therefore have a high valued page gonna go through the contents of what I'm gonna cover in this module three point one will be understanding the purpose of your Facebook content so we then know the best way to fulfill this purpose three point two will be going through the different types of Facebook content and the differences between them three point three will be going over the news feed algorithm what Facebook used to decide what appears where in people's news feeds three point four will be a very very interesting segment and we'll be hacking the news feed algorithm which means optimizing all aspects of our content to appear in this many news feeds possible as high up as possible three point five will be the top three strategies to get more engagement on your posts three point six will be creating a Content calendar in order to get you organized and stay on top of your posts three point seven is how to find the best Facebook content and three point eight will be organizing your content on your Facebook wall which is highlighting and pinning let's get started guys there's a lot of great information in here and I'm excited to share it with you.

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