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Interpreting your Facebook Insights

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January 21, 2020

Welcome to 6.2 guys this is interpreting your facebook Insights now what this essentially means is I'm gonna show you which insights you can use to increase your engagement and increase the amount of likes on your Facebook page by focusing on things that you can change that work well and doing more of the stuff and also focusing on things that you can change that don't work well and minimizing this stuff so you should have a basic understanding of the Facebook Insights thanks to 6.1 but now I'm gonna show you how to siphon through all this data and find what you really need let's have a look awesome guys I'm back on my achieve greatness page as you can see I once again am in the insights section if you have a look at the names of these tabs up the top you can realize that there's only one of these categories that you actually have control over which is your posting you can't control the people who like your page you can't control the amount of people you reach you can maximize this using the strategies given in this course but you can't control it you can't control your visits and you can't control people what you are in control of and what we're now going to focus on is posts so in the post tab it gives you a range of data that is very very beneficial when interpreted correctly so the first thing you can see is the times so what x means is the time when most of your people when most of your fans are online so as you can see at 6 a.m. there are 260 peep 261 people from my fan page online as it gets to noon and 3 p.m. you can see it maxes out at 439 people online at once which is at 4 p.m. this is a peak time so using the strategies in this course you want to target this peak time to get maximum exposure for your posts you can also see that the insights allow you to break it down day by day giving you different stats for different days and again it will show you what is peak on what day so apart from telling you when to post you can also show you what to post by showing you everything that you've posted and how successful it was as you can see the most successful thing on my page was this post down here which was a picture and I said comment what is your reason to push holla it reached two point eight thousand people organically when I only have eleven hundred people on my page and at this time I didn't even have that many so ask yourself what is different about this post I have a feeling it was a good picture but it also was very engaging because it asked this question yeah as you can see got thirty eight likes for comments and five shares now this question is well structured and it's quite subtle but it gives people a reason to engage with the post you can see I've done it again here what is your favorite motivational quote and honestly do you believe it's possible when you ask these questions you can see there is a spike in organic reach which means more people are sharing commenting and liking the post you can see all your posts by clicking see more you get a pretty intense breakdown of every single thing that you've posted you can also see the posts that have a done well so I just recently posted this crossed emotion for my charisma on command page and the reason that didn't do well is because it has been two months since my last post meaning the affinity and the last actor scores for my page are really low so what I have to do is I have to slowly start working back these scores by posting quality content and consistently getting out there in front of my friends you know to maintain high affinity and last axis goes with them post-ops are great as you know four different post types here will break down the two that I've used I've only posted photos and links i've never posted an over and i haven't posted a video on this account so the average reach of a photo is almost twice that of a link you can see the breakdown here likes comments and shares compared to clicks you're gonna get a lot less clicks on links than you are photos the most important thing I think is here top posts from pages to watch now I showed you how to add pages in the last segment you didn't see that then simply click add pages and search for your page using this search box right up here and just click done when you add them to page and you're actually able to see their top posts which means you can click on this and you can analyze what makes this a good post and why were people engaging with this once again you can also come in here and just copy this picture and you could actually repost it to your account you can change it a little bit or you can just reshare it here to make sure you're posting quality content to your fans that you know is already going to be popular so this guy's is the most important thing to come in and have a look at when you're using insights once again study this information carefully and put it to good use so you want to be recreating the post that did well and finding out why did well what are they underlying characteristics for all the posts and recreate that in all of your posts you also want to minimize you also want to minimize the post that didn't do well so this was a shared page so this was a page that shared in return for a share so you can see you got 28 click throughs which is kind of high was more it was beneficial for me because I got him to share my page as well but if it wasn't a shared page such as this one can your muscles make music thoughts and they got 22 clicks I recommend not posting whatever this type of post is in the future finally underlining characteristics and minimize the bad maximize the good also don't be afraid to test a few things so if you think maybe this will go well I don't have stats to back it up let's see how it goes you can always post it and you get instant stats real time and you can see if you want to post something like that again in the future so don't be scared come out here and have a look an experiment and just grow your page in the way that you want it so this was six point two six point three is gonna be short what it is it'll be a list of questions to ask yourself on weekly daily bi-weekly or monthly basis whatever you prefer and this will trigger this will allow your brain to constantly answer what you can improve and what you can do differently in order to optimize your Facebook account to achieving your engagement and growth goals as quickly as possible thanks guys I'll see you in 6.3

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