How to Add Your Milestones to a Facebook Page

Facebook milestones and existing content

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January 21, 2020

Okay welcome 22.8 guys milestones and existing content so what is a milestone a milestone is a point in time that an event occurred that is significant to your business you can date it at any date that it occurred in your history and it'll appear on your timeline at that date a milestone can be about anything so this is Walmart's milestone of increasing their trucking efficiency in the US by 65% and as you can see they wrote we see a 65 percent improvement in our u.s. truck fleet efficiency compared to our 2005 baseline we delivered 57 million more cases while driving 49 fewer miles so you can put whatever you want to be your milestone inside your Facebook page for people to see so it's important to have these milestones in here to personalize your business for the users and to have content on your Facebook page that users can interact with so how do you optimize your existing content you want to put up a status status of acknowledgment stating the purpose of your page this is super important to do so people understand that you're new and you acknowledge in you and don't expect you to have thousands of likes when you've just started your page you also want to include your purpose so people understand what your page is about and know what they can expect to see from your page in the future secondly you want to create one or two updates in line with your intended page content which also service interaction opportunities as well as defining what type of content your page will then post in the future so that when people come to your page instead of it being a fully blank page and people having no idea what they're signing up to they will be able to see what they can expect from you the quality that they can expect and also they can interact with this and absolutely do something when they get to your page.

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