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How not to get Facebook Likes

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January 21, 2020

Okay let's continue with 4.2 how not to get Facebook Likes so I'm gonna make a strong strong suggestion to never trade money or never trade likes in return for somebody else liking your page so an example never participate in a like exchange such as like XCOM this is where you can go around like in other people's Facebook pages in return for them like in yours another way that I strongly recommend you don't use to increase your likes it's something like fiver calm where you can purchase fake fake wake your fur where you can purchase fake fans for as little as $5 let me explain why I don't like fake like is on my page the only benefit to having a fake Lika is social proof they add to your social proof and therefore your influence and it'll be really cool if you had 20,000 Lakers on your page because therefore people will respect your page more however if this was the only effect that had on your page I would have no problem in buying fake like it but here are the cons of having non-targeted fake or non genuine fans on your page so here are the cons of having fake or non genuine fans on your page the first is they are non targeted they are not relevant to your business or they may even be but therefore their fans will not appreciate your content and they were not understand your content as they're not familiar or interested with your industry therefore you have very very low interaction as they don't understand or appreciate your content you will then get a low engagement rate value from Facebook and ultimately face we'll see your page value and page updates as low value because nobody is interacting with them and Facebook will punish your updates in the future and won't allow them to reach their full potential audience so here it is rephrased decreased interaction and significance so facebook will see your low interaction on your edge updates and consequently limit their visibility to your genuine fans who actually want to see your updates if you can remember the global interactions diagram I could drop in the last module this will show you how your Facebook update is affected by fake fans so as you can see in the first sample size of a hundred say you have 80% of these as fake like it's there for 80 out of a hundred of these first Facebook fans are blocked out and unable to interact with your status however Facebook still use this in their sample data and although you only have 20% of genuine fans seen your update Facebook will interpret this as a hundred and therefore it almost be impossible for you to move to the next level.

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