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Facebook Parallel Interest Page

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March 11, 2021

Awesome guys was made of a 5.2 this is parallel interest pages and this is a really unique and really awesome strategy to use to increase your customer base as a whole as well as getting more likes from your page I'm gonna give you a quick rundown of how it works before I show you a few examples so what it is is you're gonna have your main page which is going to be your company page and your official page the one that where you want to get your entire fan base into but sometimes business pages aren't the easiest pages to be liked on Facebook and you quite often see a fan page about a movie quote or something something a little ridiculous that has maybe a million fans or 100,000 fans and you're like wipeout my business get something at that so a parallel interest page what it does is it gives you a second page to use to help funnel these to help funnel these like is from this parallel interest page that is really easy just to push like and support as opposed to a business page which is more of a commitment so what it does is you build up both pages simultaneously the parallel interest page which is going to be relevant to your industry or company in some way to help target this audience this fan page will be growing at a quicker rate than your business page naturally and what happens is I can't even have 1,000 fans on your business page you have a look at your fan page and it will have naturally grown to maybe 10,000 or even 20,000 fans or more I once had a page grow to 1.6 million fans in about two weeks which is pretty amazing so I'm gonna show you a couple of examples of these and how you can put that into practice one more thing I should mention quickly is you simply run both pages parallel and on occasions you funnel the ones from your interest page and you see check out my business page add value here so you can say we're running a competition right now check out my other business page and like it to enter this competition therefore you're funneling them from the interest page into your business page you know they're relevant and it's just a lot easier to reach further and further into the Facebook audience so I'm here I'm one of my parallel interest pages as you can see it has 27,000 like--is one of it is I took advantage of a phenomenon going on in Australia that was a party from a girl that blew up and everyone was invited however a million people going on their event on Facebook so I made a Facebook page that was really easy to like because people knew this event and it was like the joke of the time so it's really easy to click like and I went relatively viral giving me 27,000 likes the other one that I've done is something like a Harry Potter quote this was the time that the Harry Potter movies was coming up and as you can see that had similar results so what I would suggest there is to use a page that has relevance to your business so my achieve grayness page is motivational and fitness related so what I would do here is I would relate this back to a fitness product or a self-development or personal development product and get the people who find it really easy to click like on a cheap greatest page that's a lot tougher to click like on a fitness product so what you do is you build up your customer base here you get a few thousand followers and all we do is you offer value from this page to your other page so it might be in a competition or a freebie or something that would get these people getting over to your page and clicking like because you know they like your business industry they just find it a lot easier to click a motivational page then they do a product page which is fair enough this is a great way to funnel those people over that I just want to show you really quickly this is achieved greatness I stopped using this account a couple of months ago once I hit that one thousand likes and as you can see it took me a week to get here but the momentum carried over and now have another almost 200 likes from doing absolutely no work posting no statuses that's how far my reach got by posting relevant communities and posting in relevant groups as well so that is the parallel page strategy it's really really useful and I strongly recommend you do a little research and find something catchy that people can relate to and start creating a page like that.

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