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Relevant Facebook Community Power Strategy

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January 21, 2020

Awesome guys have made it to4.8 relevant community power strategy now as well as having a really cool name this is a really really cool and really useful strategy that you can use it is hands-down the number one most effective short-term strategy for getting likes to your Facebook page that is why I've given it a very important point tag on the top left corner the number one most effective strategy so let's have a look what it is it's a two-part strategy the first part is to create a relevant light community with your Facebook page the second is then to advertise in this community showing value and answering questions and in return getting people to like your page so let's break these points down even further so number one create a relevant like community you want to like similar pages to yours where your fans are already filtered in order to create a community where interaction is possible so but what I mean by filtered fans are already filtered or categorized to liking your competitors or similar pages to yours therefore you know that they will have interest in liking your page let me show you how to do this okay guys I'm signed in now again on Facebook calm as my achieve greatness fan page as you can see at the moment I have eleven hundred and ninety three followers and this is mostly due to my relevant community power strategy so I'm gonna show you how to build your relevant community in this video and then I'm gonna go on and explain how to advertise to this community so first off to build this community you want to know what your target audience is so my page is achieve greatness which is fitness and motivation and inspirational based I've already actually built most the community already so I'm gonna search for a keyword that's a little bit different just to show you how it's done so I'm going to search weight loss type in your keyword whatever it is once you figure it out I've already done fitness we read it on health already done motivation and I've already done inspiration for this account which is why I'm now doing weight loss so I'm gonna come down and click see more results now as you can see you get a lot of great results already I'm just gonna filter a little bit further and click pages so now we're only getting pages in these results so what's happening here is Facebook have given us thousands of pages all of them with thousands of like is for people who you think may be relevant to your Facebook page so people looking at weight loss tips I definitely feel like they would fire and value in my achieve greatness page so I'm gonna like their page same as this and this and this and that so come down and just simply click that like button for any for any page that you think is relevant to your business or any page that you think has the customer base that you want so I might skip that one okay so now that I've liked a significant amount of these pages what happens now is I will get the updates for these pages in my newsfeed so what do I do I'm gonna head over to my news feed now the my news feed will already be full with the pages that I've already liked but as you can see I can't see any of these new pages but all the pages here that I have liked has created a relevant community full of people who I know are relevant to my page which is achieved greatness or in your case they'll be relevant to your business the second is advertising in this light community we have just built so advertising through this community attracts your targeted and genuine users who are interested in our business or our industry because we know that they have liked our competitors or similar pages to ours let me show you how to do this so what you want to do is you want to come in and find a popular post that has like this one 582 likes and 110 shares so what so why is this good because you can then come in if you click on the comments you can see everybody who has these are all individual people who have specified an interest in this page and therefore they're I know they're gonna have an interest in my page so a couple of ways to interact with them one of my favorites is just a simple like now that I've liked Eric's comment and Eric is actually tagged Jennifer in this as well so what happens here is Eric and Jennifer will both get a little notification on their Facebook saying achieve greatness page has liked your comment that you were tagged in or has liked your comment that you posted and what that does is it's likely that Eric and Jennifer will then click on my page and potentially like it if it is something that interests them so you can go through and just like I'd like to like the ones that have people tagged in because it alerts more than one person just like if you don't go over the top don't spam you can also like comments that you want to show support for this guy says add hundred two hundred twenty killers now give me you till I get there impressive groom play you can just right good luck might be condescending and the best of luck so now Don free - free - will get that notification that I've replied to his comment I also like the like my own comments just shows a little bit of social proof even though it's yourself but as you can see you can come in and interact with these people another thing you can do is you can add a photo so a photo takes up a lot of room let me put a photo in a relevant spot here for you something like this which is entertaining interactive to this target audience I always like my own photo to give a help give it a boost because I as you can see it's ranked by likes people can come in here scroll down the page and they'll be able to see my photo they'll be able to see my page you could also include a link to your page here and it'll actually help give a preview of your page so as you can see you can come in here and interact with and comment and provide value and direct people to your page to help them discover your page and then they can choose if they like it or not it's an excellent opportunity and it's the number one way you will start building momentum for your page now it's important to remember when we do these things we want to always offer value we want to answer questions post relevant quotes relevant images and subtly suggest people to like our own page super important I know you already understand this I thought I should also touch it at least once make sure you do not spam you don't know what your Facebook account getting banned or suspended for spamming the same message or just a simple link over and over again to your community so we have to remember our goal is to provide value to the Facebook community and this needs to be embodied in our advertising techniques in order to attract their eye have a fans and have integrity in our own business.

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