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Writing a compelling event description

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: I created an example of an event description for you this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and in this video I'm gonna walk you through it so that you can use elements of my example for your own event description and my own event description is for the hiking events and it doesn't really matter what the actual event is because what I'll point your attention to is the elements that I'm using so what I'm using is something called ADA it's a proven marketing path it's an acronym it stands for attention interest desire action right so you get people's attention you get it attention with the title we already discussed the titles and how to make them compelling once you have a person's attention and they've clicked on your description this is the job of the description is to build the interest and turn it into desire and this is done emotionally people see themselves in my events case would be having an amazing hike they want to attend especially if you pick the right pictures and all that stuff and then of course at the end when they are ready you do the call to action so that's hence ADA very time proven method and so we've got that attention as a title and the description builds the interest and desire so let's go over the description that I've written for you so you see what I'm doing and you can replicate this for whatever you are doing the first sentence is gotta be very strong you want to carry on that momentum from the attention you've gotten because the internet you know you're always five seconds away from losing a person's attention so you gotta cherish it and really get the most out of it so I said this is a unique opportunity see scarcity scarcity and uniqueness a unique opportunity to explore San Francisco's history and building curiosity you see by finding long-lost shipwrecks hmm Wow even more curiosity really think about it shipwrecks in a major metropolitan town that's really unique in more scarcity that you can that can be seen during low tide and I can say only during low tide then I say this is a great family event you can even bring your dog everyone is welcome so that enters people's question can I bring my family can I bring my dog I know for a fact this is a kind of a question people had because I ran this kind of an event and a lot of people actually came with families and even dogs and then I make it kind of conversational didn't know they were shipwrecks in San Francisco well the truth is that many people have no idea and then I explained it and I kind of open up this mystery to people right before modern navigation tools many ships throughout the 1800s and early nineteen hundred's crashed on the rocks and more disco and actually sunk and on this hike you can actually see three such shipwrecks okay and that's true I really there really were three set shipwrecks and I took people through this and here is a paragraph where I try very hard to build up people's attention.

Now notice that the paragraphs my paragraphs are very short and I had a lot of white space that makes it easy for people to read so I have no paragraph that's had more than two sentences long that's by design I break things up a lot and so here's my paragraph that really builds interest in desire so have an incredible day exploring San Francisco's outdoors and I'm trying to get people to picture themselves exploring summer Cisco's outdoors with your family right have an incredible day with your family exploring outdoors that puts imagery into people's minds and then more imagery breathe fresh air experience amazing views of the ocean and learn about San Francisco's history all while getting great exercise and meeting new people and I could have done more about like I could have written more about bonding with your family and having your kids explore this I just didn't write that and then there's a little bit of more of just details that people want to know total hike is four miles and it's easy to moderate difficult difficulty and then the call to action sign up ASAP because spots are limited again with the scarcity even though the spots are not but limited it's an outdoor event and then of course you want to add the details of the event because if you don't add the details people will bother you and they'll ask you so this will just save you time and when people know more they are less confused and they are also more likely to sign up and if they are confused sometimes they just don't sign up it's too much work to email you and ask you so they just literally go away and never sign up and never come back so having important details of the event is really important as well because you've got to keep things organized and you have to make sure people are at least confused so this is a solid description it can't it be better of course everything can be better but this is relatively solid it's got a lot of write elements it's not too long it's not too short it explains everything it builds interest and desire with the whole imagery about being outdoors and the ocean and what I would like you to do is now write your own description in a similar style inspiring building the interest keeping the person's interest in explaining all the details without being boring and eventually having a call to action for them to sign up and then you're good you've got your title now you got your description the last thing you'll have to do is find images and I cover that later in the course and then once your listing of the event is ready then you're able to start promoting the event.

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