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Top strategies to promote events

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: With this video we're going to start our event marketing section and we're going to continue on event marketing throughout this course with this video we're gonna go into a high level of what are the most effective marketing strategies and throughout the course I'll actually be showing you hands on how to implement all of them so that it will be very hands-on learning this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy but now just theory so the main problem that event marketers face is that there are too many bad options for example like Twitter Instagram people just don't know what strategies are the most effective and what to invest in so what I would suggest is first of all focus on your headlines your descriptions your unique value proposition because if your headlines are amazing and they draw attention that's gonna give your event life and interest and if it doesn't draw attention the other marketing strategies will fall flat and will be ineffective and you'll be wondering why didn't work well because the event itself needed to be more interesting so we'll focus on making your event sound amazing shortly the Nek strategy is using very large event sites like and Eventbrite they have literally millions and millions of people using them and I know that they're not a fit for every single type of event but if if at all possible let's figure out how to leverage them because traffic from them if used correctly can feel like a flood because they are so big and they're also not popular everywhere in the world but later in the course I'll show you how to find which sites like these sites are popular.

Wherever you are next is local SEO people searching for let's say you have a business event in New York well people searching Google for business events in New York they need to find you so I'll be showing you how to do local SEO so that the right people the perfect attendees whoever you want to attend your event or events like yours will find your event and attend then we're going to go over how to partner with other similar large events or influencers in your area or organizations in your area who can give you plant promotion and you can get some of their audience then we're going to focus on ads we're going to talk about Facebook Ads specifically for events and we're going talk about how to leverage local event sites that are popular in your area to find inexpensive affordable event ads that you can run that can get you event attendance now let's go over a few more event marketing strategies that are that work the quality of your event is an extremely underrated and underappreciated strategy because people like your event they're gonna come back they're gonna become repeat attendees they're gonna become superfans and they're gonna bring friends next time so the quality of your event enables that and of course once you start the growth people like it people bring friends there's some virality you want to start audience building with email and social growth and you're gonna use social media just as much to find new attendees as you are going to use it to remind past attendees of your upcoming events so it's effective for both of those and ultimately we're gonna talk about how to use your events to build up your own authority and influence or status in your industry that's gonna have far greater benefits to you long term for your events and any other projects you do in your industry from then on so that's what we're going to start covering in starting with the next videos. 

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