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SEO for your event page

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I'm gonna show you how to do the SEO for your event and so for example this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy if we reuse the same event description that we used before if this is on your website ok from your website I'm gonna create a checklist for you just here so that you don't lose it and so you have it if your main keywords is something like outdoor event or hiking event in San Francisco then if you have your own website in the checklist what I'm gonna add for you is the meta title and meta description and I'll create an example of a meta title tag for you the meta title tag is 70 characters so it's literally something like this you see I added a few other keywords outdoor and group hiking event in San Francisco on whatever the date you have and also pet and family friendly and you can subtract or add a few at other keywords you see how I just kept adding keywords like outdoor group hiking maybe you can add keywords like health fitness whatever and that will be the chance and you'll have a chance to do that in the description metatag because the description meta tag is 140 characters you see the description tag is just a little bit longer so I copied the title and I just added a few more keywords like join the outdoor fitness event to explore San Francisco history so it's don't only think it it's not too much more if you have more keywords to target in this case I don't have that many more keywords but if you have more keywords then this is a perfect place to add them and then what you want to do in your description is you see we have the keywords like San Francisco.

So it's plenty we use San Francisco and what I'll do is I'll use ctrl F ha and I'll use hiking and you see we see that we actually not using the word hiking in the description and you can do the same thing for your description to see are you using your main keywords in there just just as a test and if you're not you can use it for you can add for example when I say this is a unique opportunity to hike to hike and explore San Francisco's history by finding or you can say by hiking and finding and so you see right here you have out hiking and then maybe another keyword can be a park name that's that that you may be going through in this case the hike is along the ocean but if you're going through a park the park name is a good keyword and using your geographical location as a keyword and the activity as a keyword is already a pretty far way there because guess what you are using it in the description you're using it in the meta title and description and the only other place you would use it is in your image in the alt tag of your image you would have keywords like San Francisco hiking or something like that and then you're all set because also your events title will also have this right the event title itself will be something like summer just go hiking and seeing shipwrecks or something like this so you'll have all the keywords everywhere you don't need to repeat them that much more you don't need the keyword stuff it's there Google is smart enough and so that's enough for this page to have the right SEO and come up in the right searches and if you post this on your website the expectations for to rank should be according to how strong is your site for SEO and what and if you post this event listing on a site like meetup or assigned website like Eventbrite which have incredibly strong SEO built in then you are much more likely to rank highly in Google just because those web sites are so much more authoritative and they more readily rank in Google.

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