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Prizes and raffles

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to talk about how to get more engagement before and during your events this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy from offering event prizes and raffles to raise buzz before the event and during the event itself so first of all where and how do you get items to give away in the raffles because they can't be expensive if you pay for them so you don't want to pay for them so ideally you'd get sponsors as I mentioned in other parts of the course it is hard to get sponsors who give cash but you can get sponsors who donate something and it can be digital products like an online course an e-book a PDF a membership to some site even their time for example I used to attend an event one where there was a business coach and he would give away 15 minutes of his time to a few select members of the event and for free he would be listed as the sponsor of the event he had to do nothing except provide a little bit of time and all he would do with that time has just come a little bit early to the event and spend one-on-one 15 minute sessions with some of the attendees so really a small investment from him but he got a lot of exposure to the attendees and got mentioned as the sponsor and if you give away memberships it doesn't have to be full memberships to anything it can be partial memberships like discounts to memberships so discounts are still good probably used to make money from them so you not only get to be a sponsor but you get to sell your memberships so it can be very attractive for sponsors you see they don't have to donate cash they can donate something that doesn't cause them a lot to create or reproduce and if you really cannot get a sponsor you can create these on your own gave away discounts to your website or your products give your time create an e-book create an online course these are relatively easy to create now it's really hard to create an amazing ebook or a course if you want to do something amazing and give it away yeah that's hard but it's relatively easy to create a shorter version of these things and then you'll have something to give away forever because one to create a digital product.

You can give it away a thousand of them if you want over time it there's no cost to reproduce and you can give these items away before and after the event using social media to raise buzz right so you can have like online social media contests I'll give you a few examples of ideas see like biggest promoter right like you can pick any of your attendee who retweets you or reshares you you'll give them some ebook and you can just email out that out to your list and if anybody promotes you and gets you attendees or brings people with them after or before somehow you can give them a prize and but that will incentivize all your attendees to promote a little more you can give a prize to anybody who posts the best photo or video obviously posting photo or video gives you content gives you reachable things on social media gives you promotion and again if the items that you're giving away are free to reproduce it's no cost to you and you're just getting more activity more buzz and more promotion on social media same thing with local member let's say if somebody comes to like five events in a row well fantastically that means they bought tickets and you just gave them something away that really easy for you to get so and this also by the way when you create something like loyal member biggest promoter that's the beginning of gamification which is another level of stickiness people want to become loyal members just to be recognized as that loyal member it sounds silly but people want to gain levels and points and that public recognition also another very simple type of a contest you can do that only takes a second is something like if you make a social media post saying retweet this to enter the contest to get my PDF about something the way people would enter the contest is simply by retweeting your promotional tweet with the link to your event so basically you just get tweets and you can give that prize but you give it away that PDF to everybody who retweets so everybody who likes on Facebook everybody who retweets who shares and gets that little PDF again it's free for you to give away but you're getting a ton more promotion right away because you're incentivizing it so these are the strategies to use raffles and prizes and giveaways to get a lot more activity and engagement and extra promotion from your attendees and boost your events that way.

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