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Marketing before the event

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I wanna introduce you to what kind of marketing you should be doing before the events to build buzz this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy of course you should already be doing the exciting headlines and SEO and all those sorts of things of course but before the event what you want to salute is encouraged or early signups because the early signups encourage other signups because nobody wants to go to a party where no one is coming people want to go to a party where people are already signed up to come and when I say party I did that's a figure of speech this doesn't imply only two parties types of event this applies to most types of event but it's just people don't want to attend events with no one else attending people want it and things that are buzzing and that I have an excitement that they're seeing other people like it too so it's essentially social proof and to incentivize the social proof and early signups which you can do is early ticket price discount you can send out an email and you can say if you get your ticket a month in advance you'll have like fifty percent off and then you'll have early bird pricing and then two weeks from then you can remind them and say hey here's your last chance and then another last chance and another last chance and then the prices are gonna go full price and then there is a limited seating so there's all kinds of scarcity tactics oh like there's almost no more seats left sign up now and then when the event is full and it's full price you can say oh we just released like five more tickets sign up quickly if you missed your chance now is your last chance and these are all kinds of things that you can do - as you get closer to the event notify people through email through social media that it's their last chance to get the cheaper prices to get seats to the event it's filling up and they need to act now because otherwise people will procrastinate and forget it another thing you can do is if you have any announcements like interesting speakers or big-name speakers or interesting sponsors you can also send those as announcements because speakers and they draw attention and they can draw people to your events and make your event seem that much cooler so these are things you can and should be doing before the events to encourage early attendance which will in turn get more other people to sign up as the event nears.

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