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If you are an event planner like party planner or wedding planner

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to address a common misunderstanding so this course is about event marketing this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy but many people who are event planners and they have events like birthday parties or weddings or similar things that they need to plan and they are planners and they are trying to get hired as planners to plan other people's events this can also be event agencies or event freelancers or event consultants things like this so it seems like what you need is event marketing and that's my maybe why you're in this course but actually you are in the category of local service or local business and there are different ways to promote those businesses so I'll explain to you what the marketing is for these kind of situations when people need this because it's a necessary service like for example if I was looking to hire an event planner to help me plan my neck my wedding or my birthday party or my some kind of another event what would I do I would ask my friends for recommendations if they recommended somebody great that's it I'm done there's nothing we can do but if there's nothing that they suggested that met my needs what do I do I go to Google and I search and I also search local listing sites like Yelp you'll ask me well what about social media how do I promote myself on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook well it's actually secondary priority because that the shopping pattern is one that we just identified which is people searching this when they need it so let's take a look at what local searches like this look like I just searched for an event planner now let's see how Google interprets this the first four results are ads this is something you can run ads on Google you don't have to it's purely optional what I'm actually concerned with is what happens when we scroll down you see Google interprets this as a local search meaning local business has come up in this Google map it's free and you sign up for this in slash business you can add your location even if your location is your home address you don't necessarily have to show your home address but at least you you need to put somewhere on the map for Google to show you in local search results and this is the first organic free result that comes up so if you are a local event planner or event planner of some sort you've got to register yourself on the map it's free again slash business they take you through all the steps there then of course you have sites like Yelp you see local directories that's just because Yelp and these sites are popular in my area in your case when you make that search let's say you are in a different country the sites that will come up maybe Yelp will not come up for you but another local listing site comes up for you so you have to make sure that you add yourself to that site or to Yelp and have a good business listing.

What do I mean by good business listing you have to get client reviews and you have to use a descriptive good name with keywords same with Yelp you'll see that if I click it the first one is an ad but then the second one you see good reviews good reviews good reviews so reviews matter then you will go through the rest of these sites and you would see can I add my business to any of these if you can add added if you cannot don't worry about it in what you have to do is have your own website that will eventually rank for keywords for example like if I am in New York this map shows Manhattan then my website or your website should try to rank for keywords like event planner in New York wedding planner in New York birth kids party planner in New York or whatever types of events you plan those are exactly the keywords and if you rank here you can you can have multiple listings of your business show up you can have one in the ads you can have one in the map you can have one inside Yelp one inside indeed your own website can rank also so you can have three four five six seven listings in the top ten of your bills and wherever people click in the in the search results they'll find you so this is really the number one way to promote your business why because when people are searching for event planners they know they're looking to hire they're looking to pay and they're looking to hire now they're searching now they're very very very good leads as opposed to on social media you have no idea how good of a leads they are they you do not then you later we don't know we know on Google because when people type something into Google the person who's typing they tell us what they want and when they want it and it makes that lead really strong and your job is to just capture that lead and mind you this is also a almost a fully automated strategy because when people find you you don't have to do continuous marketing whereas if you had to do outreach or something like that it's very time-consuming so this kind of saves you from that as well so if you are an event planner that wants to get hired this is what you need to be doing and additionally look into topics topics like local business marketing local service marketing local seo those are really great topics for your situation.

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