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How To Set Up The Event On Facebook

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Now I'll walk you through how to set up your event on Facebook it's very easy this video is brought to you by our Appy Pie’s Academy all you do is you see how here when you're updates literally it has the event right here you literally just click the event and it will give you some things about the event I recommend you prepare or get created for you a really nice visual give the event a name location for frequency if it's a recurring event that's great but from now you just wanna you know just once the start date what I recommend that you do for the start date is just give it a little time ahead of time to like two or three or four weeks is the perfect time notice for a small event and if it's a conference or something big much later and the details you would enter are you know the kinds of events and give it some good keywords and I would really make sure that you enter a lot here in here make it very informative because this will this will help Facebook determine to whom it's perfect to promote and the better you explain it the better Facebook will help you bring people who actually want to attend your event and who might be ideal attendees then you want to say yes you want to receive messages in case people have questions then there's information about tickets ticket URL in most cases you don't have co-hosts if you do have partners you want to add them and the posting is really important of course you want to make sure that anybody can repost and you want to display a public guest list and when you post the event ask some friends to immediately sign up guess what that does not only does that show all their friends fine but what it actually more importantly does is next event attendees who are potential attendees they will see it's not an empty event that they will see that there's some activity and they will be much more likely to sign up so actually having some early sign up helps to increase the conversion rates of future signups and then you just click publish and that's it event will be posted and you're gonna be ready to begin promoting that event on all your social media on ads all in all kinds of ways and get people into this page.

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