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NEW! How to help your website's SEO and link-building with events

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: One thing that I want to bring your to your attention is that when you post your events on these other sites this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy the event listing sites what's gonna happen is they're gonna link to you and they're gonna build up your SEO of your own website let me show you how that's going to work so I'm gonna go to this I'm on the home page of this SF on-chip and it's just the event websites and let's say you are posting some kind of an event I'm gonna find an event that looks like it's posted by a small business owner so let's say maybe there's just like artisan food in San Francisco and we're gonna click that so once I'm on the event listing page take a look there's a few places where you can get links and when you mouse over event details you see what I'm gonna do is if I click it I'm actually going to go to that website of the actual event you see so they're linking right to the event organizer not only that they're also linking to the venue so if you can somehow list the venue obviously there's an address but if you can also get away with linking something of your own as the venue that's another opportunity to get a link but you don't really have to do that you really just can see you get a link right here to your website and what's gonna happen to you and what actually ended up happening to me is I got a lot of links like this from these sites and a lot of these sites their own they're very big sites like the local newspaper site that has the events listings so a lot of very big reputable sites linking to you and every time you have an event you can post your events on all the local event sites and you're gonna get a lot of links from these sites and what happened to me is that my website became a lot more authoritative in Google search and after that few months after maybe four or five six months after what I started noticing is that whenever I started creating pages of my events for example I wanted to rank for some keywords like outdoor event and summer Cisco or something like that I started noticing that my event listings were ranking because Google started trusting my website because my website started to have authority and this link building because in the SEO world if you're not familiar with SEO it stands for search engine optimization.

In the SEO world these backlinks the linking of other sites to yours makes a big impact on how authoritative and trustworthy your site is in the eyes of Google and the more authoritative and trustworthy this is going to rank easier for searches that you might not be able to rank for when you're starting out so if you have let's say cooking event in San Francisco it can be anything well then what you want to do is to have your website ranked for cooking events in San Francisco so anybody who's searching for cooking events in San Francisco is going to search that and they're gonna hopefully find your site if your site is on page one they're gonna find your site and hopefully if it's number one they're gonna find your site and if it's not on page one they're gonna have a harder time finding your event so getting these links is really a huge component of eventually having your website rank for the most important keywords that are going to be for you and eventually having your own website rank for this big keyword so you don't have to rely as much on sites like meetup an Eventbrite you'll be able to rank number one with your own website in usually this will be difficult but if you do the strategy of getting a lot of these backlinks from these authoritative sites you are going to rank for the very important keywords for you much faster.

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