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Pre-event social media & email buildup checklist (also how to grow email list)

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: So let's talk about some pre event marketing build up a little bit of a checklist for what you should do on your email marketing and on your social media and even if you don't have an email list yet that's okay this video is brought to you by our Appy Pie’s Academy  so you have to if you event is paid it's really good because it allows you to send out a few emails or Huw well timed social media posts and they talked about hey now we've got the early bird pricing a week later hey now we've got a little bit of a smaller discount then a week later oh we got the regular price but make sure enough to get it later because later we're gonna have you know less tickets available for the price will be actually increased so make sure that you sign up for the event early right you're able to have that kind of a sequence on your social media and in your email about it's about you can space it out at about the same way maybe a week apart things like that maybe two weeks apart so what happens if you don't have a list an email list right you will all start at zero and is difficult but there are some things you can do right at your event if you you know like having it if you run your events through they don't give you the people's emails but you can send out emails people who join your group but whenever people do come to your physical events here's the thing you should always during check-in if you have a check-in you can always ask people to give you their actual emails so that you can put them on your emails and own those emails right so that you can send up those emails out independent of meetup because you don't always want to be on Meetup then you might want to have some kind of raffles or events so that people give you their email to be chosen right when email gets chosen and guess what those guys end up on the email list and same things you know you want to get people to follow your social media accounts and do things like that so that a you next time you post announcements about your events you're gonna have more email email subscribers and you're gonna have more social media polymers right.

All from this kind of a tactic and the more events you the more of an audience it will build up so after a while you'll have a very big like marketing social media and email marketing machine in the way right so to announce your new events to new people all right so and of course what's really important in the email is having a catchy title and headline because that gets you to really get people to get people to open the email it gets people to click on the link on social media right like if I had like hey I'm doing a boring hike come with me but when I had my like shipwrecked hike right that was way more exciting and people clicked on it more I got more attention so it was just and the only difference is the headline so it makes it work a lot on the headline it makes it really really just make it you will be amazed what kind of a difference the headline itself makes in of your overall event marking it's it's amazing then I already talked about the discounts and then you want to also add social proof social proof is like if you have some interesting people big names in some nation some industry that are gonna speak be a guest drop those names because names they are like same thing as making a catchy headlines right there they are like a magnet big-name speakers big-name guests they're like a magnet for I think attendees so if you say hey this famous person or this well-known person or this expert is gonna be at the event you know maybe get now could get people to click and even better like you say hey like that top lucky the first five people who sign up right after this you know we're gonna or the first people who sign up within a day of this email will get a chance you know we'll get like a five minute meeting with person XYZ or something like that just to get people to hurry up and sign up right do things like that before the events to kind of build up they like buzz about the event you also want to create a hashtag for the event to use on social media but I'll talk about that a little bit.

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