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How to get publicity by finding and attracting influencers to your attendance

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we're gonna talk about how to get publicity for your events this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy publicity is fantastic because it usually comes from very reputable websites and publications and it can get you a lot of traffic quickly if you can pull it off you should think about publicity as generally generating interest for your whatever you're doing with your events and the more interesting they will be the more natural publicity Delp position themselves to have so first and foremost think about the storytelling aspect of your event is there a story behind the event is there a theme the people accomplish something is it part of a movement for example let's say you decide ok tomorrow I'm starting like a Bitcoin workshop well there's a movement of Bitcoin people are passionate about it people feel like they're on to something there is excitement about it maybe there is like the hikes that I did there's a story shipwrecks during a low tide it's extra cool it's way way more interesting than boring or hike if anybody can do by themselves and it's the same thing walking versus walking but look at how much more you can make walking more exciting and so your part of it is the storytelling aspect to to squeeze so much excitement and uniqueness out of the out of the different parts of your event and that very naturally translates into what's the headliner of your event going to be the headline is one of the most important parts of your whole event because guess what boring headline gets ignored an amazing headline gets clicked by your potential visitors that in these but also by people who are journalists sometimes for big publications like when I had my breakthrough with my event it was because the Sunday paper published me it would have cost if I wanted to advertise pay to be in the print version not the online version of this but on the print version of the sunday paper in an ad.

It would be like ten thousand dollars probably but I got it for free I got that level of exposure for free because I had such an amazing headline the shipwrecks at low tide that it got the attention of the editors of the newspapers that was the only difference I did the same hikes before and there were just hikes it just nimnim hikes when I when I made them sound amazing they got the attention and it made the entire difference so don't think like Oh headline book whatever no headline is like you should you should spend a disproportionate amount of time creating an amazing amazing catchy unique sounding headline of course after that you have to have an equally good event description because when people click on your headline they'll be hit with the description of the event and that you shouldn't drop the ball there you should elaborate on what's going to happen what you should also do is pitch local website editors because web cévennes are local and so the editors that the journalists and editors you need to pitch are the local ones once for your Sunday paper once for that you know public what's cool in the city today you know every city has that so all these local publications from blogs to newspapers to everything in between to maybe local radio should pitch them and guess what that's gonna do this amazing thing is going to happen when you get enough mentions of your event and your website your events your website will begin to be higher more authoritative in Google because of all the inbound links so it's gonna impact it positively impact your Google SEO and so you're gonna be getting more search more traffic from search from people searching for events in whatever city you are so it's gonna pass it to positively impact your SEO.

Now how else to attract publicity if you have high profile speakers let's say you know the number two guy at Apple or something or whatever like somebody somebody who's like known in your industry they can get your publicity in two ways one is of course they can promote you the event to their circle so their network so they can you can get some of their friends to come and then maybe your their friends can come learn about your event and learn come to your next events too or you can put their name into the title of the event and so the event looks cooler you know like are we gonna talk about maybe Bitcoin okay yeah we're gonna talk about Bitcoin or we're gonna talk about Bitcoin would like the guy who is the most successful guy in Bitcoin okay if you drop that if you drop his name which is known in the industry of course that's gonna get so much more attention and he's gonna be able to promote it on his social media also and everything and so that just that having that high profile speaker makes a tremendous difference for so many things right for the event quality for the interest you generate for the headline and for the marketing of it also there's something called Caro help a reporter out this is a website that's generally gonna get you mentioned on global sites you go there and you sign up as a what's called the source where if journalists need help and advice in something in which you are an expert then you help them and they quote you in their publication and then they give you a link to your site so that's again gonna give you a little bit of a mention and a boost to your SEO as well so that that helps you quite a bit as I mentioned earlier you pitch your radio stations hopefully your events are so cool that you just you're the word just gets out about you but you can help that along by literally there's not a lot of radio stations locally and you can literally identify what all of them are identify what all the shows are and see who are the speakers who are the the problem the.

I guess the host of those shows and pitched and email them and try to or you can even try to meet them on social media and you can become friends with them on Twitter on whatever on Facebook and LinkedIn and become friendly with them not like friends don't be creepy no creepy but you can become friendly with them on social media and then say hey I got this really cool thing you have a spot for me on me to be on the show and because it's local but usually it's usually easier things that are at a national level it's much harder to get ticket to get into those but on a local level it's actually tends to be sometimes it can be surprisingly easy and another tip is there's some such a thing called local Press Club it's just like Haro but in person so major cities like sandwiches New York Houston they have press clubs all you have to do is look for Google Press Club in whatever city you are put that into Google and what you're gonna get is the Press Club and some things they need and sometimes you can register you can come there and you can that's for the local press they meet there and you can come and register say hey I'm a source and they can quote you in their publications or the articles that they're writing so again you're gonna get a mention and the link for your SEO so there's a lot of this this publication that this publicity thing really takes care of two things of course it gets you the traffic but also it tremendously helps your SEO your Google SEO so that's how you get publicity for events a whole bunch of different ways I've done a number of these really successfully so I know that these work and they'll work for you too.

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