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Should you blog to promote events and how to get free content

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about a common question that I get and I hear people talk about a lot is should you blog this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy to raise awareness for your events and the answer is mostly not really but sort of kind of and I'll go over it and it's certainly not for capturing new audiences as much because blog content is typically found and has long term life through SEO search engine optimization the problem is that it takes too long for this blog posts to rank and the writing of the posts is time-consuming but what you can do is use the content from all the vents for example if you videotape the events that can be a YouTube video if you do a live event with YouTube live that can also become a YouTube video that you can then repost and you can then create Transcriptions so it's not a lot these are not a lot of work but they do give you content but you can then go and redistribute and then you can re-engage people with that content in your email list and in your social media so this kind of does a shortcut for you you don't have to spend the time writing because really at the end of the day not that many people enjoy writing blog post what you can do is create this pre event post that has a lot of content from your past event like the YouTube video the Transcription and you can send it out one week before as kind of a reminder hey here's what was really cool about the last event and the next one is gonna be even better and that's gonna help you raise event excitement for the next event that's upcoming and you can also mention the kind of benefit people will get from the event and the speakers and this obviously gives extra opportunity to share on social media and email now what you can also do is during the event you can make a call for guest posts and other people who maybe are bloggers and they want to blog not a guest blog on your site but maybe a post or youtube video on their website or YouTube channel so you can mention that you accept guest post and you can encourage to do an event write-up or to live tweet about it all this kind of stuff so you can encourage your attendees to create content for you so just to sum it up you see creating your own blog content is time consuming so to get around it you can repurpose your event content with video and Transcriptions or you can get the attendees to create content for you those are the shortcuts for you.

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