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Getting a big audience from existing groups on your first week

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to show you a cool trick for getting a big audience really quickly this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and that is by finding event organizers who are not organizing events these days but who already have a bigger group and may be getting their audience and I'll show you how to do that so I'm on which is a very popular event website and let's say I want to build a mobile app and I'm in the mobile app space for example like let's say I have an event series about mobile apps I don't but just an example this can be any this can be anything so I go into other groups okay let's say people who are learning react NYC II or I don't know anything here let's say these guys okay PostgreSQL they have 2,800 members okay I go there and what I'm looking for is how recent are their events while these guys have events you know like scheduled it coming up so this doesn't look like a dormant group but what I would look for our groups that have very sparse events or are dormant or maybe just not that popular so like what's up with these guys NYC design coalition let's see if they have any events coming up they have no events coming up and I see that they have like an event in December 5th and then October 25th and September so they do like one event a month or so and what you can do is you know who the organizers are it says right here organized by Deanna and three others and what might happen is they might need help or they might want to co-host an event or something like that or maybe even like some some event organizers start out very enthusiastically but then they just don't have time and maybe they do a weekly event and then it turns into a monthly event and then it maybe goes even more rare than that so who knows so what you can do is say hey can I help you run some of your events or would you like to co-organized an event basically offer to take some of the work off of them and guess what you immediately get access to this 2300 members you don't get their email addresses but you can send them an in through meetup announcing new events and if you do a cold event then you can get some of these guys to come to your events or some of the event organizers might say you know I'm kind of tired of doing it.

I would like somebody to take over the group and that's very very common especially if you find events that may be events that haven't been scheduled for a couple of months that means the organizer is busy and they're not that thrilled about the event series anymore and they'd be happy if you continued on their group and you can contact them like for example I'm not logged in at the moment but you can like message this Deana right you can send her a private message it says contact right here and you'll be able to send a message not only to her but all her core organizers and I would recommend sending it to her and separately to the co-organizers and seeing like maybe they will want to work with you maybe not not everybody wants to work with everybody but some people will and this way you can quickly within a matter of a day or two or three network with some influencers in your industry other event organizers and some of them will give you their audiences because they just don't want to deal with it anymore right so you thought you find the tired ones they don't want to deal with it they'll give you their audience probably for free and the ones that are not as tired the ones that are still going on but need a little help those guys might want to co-create events and co-host and collaborate on events so you see there are two kinds of organizers ones that just they don't want to deal with it so they'll give you their events that's just free audience immediately right away boom but also even the organizers who are still running their events they'll still potentially Co organize and co-host with you and I still give you access to their members in a way so this is a really strong way to write away on day one and week one get your own large audience.

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