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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: You have to take advantage of other large event websites this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy so that you can get their traffic two of the biggest websites for event organization are that's this website is basically and both of them charge you a little bit of money it's a relatively negligible fee it's not free but it's very cheap and for the number of people they can drive to you it's very affordable and I would 100% recommend it so this is meetup in the other side I'll show you what the other side is this is Eventbrite you can find events to attend but most importantly you can create your event you see you can create your event and you can create your whole event series and attract a lot of attendees now these are very popular websites in the United States it's a little less popular in Europe but let's say you're elsewhere in the world or wherever in the world you are how can you find the best websites for your type of event to promote and I'll show you how to do it so I'll go to Google and I'll type something like business events in New York ok NYC for example if you have fashion events you would change it to fashion events it would be whatever you want what for whatever your niche is in your area where you're planning the event and the idea behind doing this is you want to go through the website first of all you see Eventbrite comes up in Google first two listings are Eventbrite so you see like you can actually rank in Google by adding your events in Eventbrite but that's not what I wanted to show you what I wanted to show you are what's called user-generated content sites you event bright is a user-generated content content site but if that wasn't popular in your area like for example I've never seen this NYC go and so you click this and what you're looking for here is can you add your own events and you would look for it somewhere like on bottom do they have an option here they have an option to advertise that's not exactly what we want at the moment this is more for the city exploration maybe meeting planners.

I don't see anything but I'll show you what I did so for example when I had my San Francisco outdoor events I'll search for that so San Francisco events and I'm just showing you that because I know this best so for example here we have a good example this website sf fun cheap I know this website because they ended up driving me a lot of traffic here's what I did with them when you click on these guys you see how right here they have an option add an event and you see also they have an option to advertise if your event is in San Francisco you can easily add your event and the organizer of the site used to notice my events and used to promote them because key is to see see Wow like outdoor cool like shipwreck hiking events they were very catchy and and the users of this sites liked it and so the organizer of the site liked it and but you can also pay to promote your events too and this is great because when you pay to be on top of all of the results you are going to get a lot more attendance and these are pretty targeted people because these are people who are visiting these sites are people who are looking to attend events so you will basically go through sites like this I'm gonna go back and again we see Eventbrite is here as well so Eventbrite is everywhere again they're here so you see they have really good SEO cuz you're gonna be able to rank with them now let's go and look at this sf Travel I actually don't know if you can add your event to them doesn't look like it because they're about travel it's not all events but since we're on the event area what I'm looking for is do they have an option for me to add events and I don't see it what you would have to do is maybe look through here and see are there any such option I don't notice any such options and what I'm gonna do on top is like can I add an event is there any kind of link to add events I don't see it and if you keep obviously in your case you will browse this long I'm browsing it because I'm just doing this for an example sake and you need to spend more time exploring it so okay so SF tourist I don't know okay let's try this one just an example they have event calendars but how do we add our event here if you go scroll the bottom contact and maybe you can email them and see if you can contact them and add your events it doesn't seem particularly likely so we're gonna go back then you keep scrolling so SF station I know that I used to be able to add my events there so let's see if you're still able to do that so they've got all these events listed and then ah you see at the bottom here there's a linked list your event not only that you can list your business which will give you an extra link in there direct from their directory that extra link is not gonna make a world of difference for you but it's gonna help you a little bit so you list your event and they're gonna make you sign up for the website it's free and you can list your event and then you can use their advertising to promote your event more so you can get some people to come for free but you'll get a lot bigger attendance if you actually pay to promote and both options are fine if you have the budget I'd recommend Thane to promote or experimenting paying different sites to see which sites can get you extra attendance for a relatively affordable amount of money so that that's a worthwhile experimentation and if you find that hey like these guys on you know Drive you maybe add attendees for like a dollar per registered attendee that's a really good rate right because what if you can make $20 per attendee then you can advertise a lot so I'd recommend experimenting with these types of sites usually.

In my experience these kinds of sites have very affordable rates to advertise for events so this is a high priority place where I'd experiment running ads and what you would do is also go through all these other sites that come up like SF Weekly SF Gate like SF Gate is the local newspaper and again these guys I don't know about now but they used to have an option for your event seal to promote your event so you see that a lot of these sites there event friendly and if they're not don't worry just move on to the next events who cares there's so many options like this and what I would recommend would that you do is you go through the one two or three like the first three or four pages of event listings and then what I would recommend that you do is instead of just generic events I would go for specific events or like fashion events and some of the sites will repeat but some of the sites won't repeat again Eventbrite but now we got this chick me whatever this is so let's see what this isn't let's see if you can enter your own see got an event to add edit for free perfect it's for fashion events fantastic right so this is exactly wherever you are this process is exactly how you can find UGC which means for user-generated content events sites and you can place your site listings on them and we've already talked about how to make your listing stand out fantastic images fantastic titles fantastic descriptions so that you can use these sites to your advantage and get as many people from them as possible and then you'll you should be able to collect a lot of sites for your area meetup comm Eventbrite and all these other smaller sites but maybe ones that are more popular in your area and then every time you put on an event you want to add your listings to the sides and also experiment with running the ads to these sites and some of them will be very missed like some of them will get you almost no traffic but some of them will get you a lot of traffic in my experience a lot of these kinds of sites really drove me a lot of attendance especially in the beginning where I didn't have my own large event attendee list this was the goldmine and this is what made my events really popular not to mention a lot of other sites find events on these sites and repost them so there's a lot of secondary benefits but this strategy was my gold mine like this worked so well for me and I really recommend that you do exactly what I did here because this is incredibly effective.

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