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Should you have speakers or guests or should it be just you?

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Let's talk about whether you should have speakers at your events or high-profile guests this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy if they are good yes they can add so much to your events it's not without challenges and I'll get to those in a second but they can promote your events to their own audience so immediately they can help you have a bigger event and big names make your venn titles that much more attractive and then get you more attention so it's a really great way to have your event stand out and in an addition to that they can add quality to the event in addition to the quality that you add let's say for example if they bring expertise well you have some expertise and they might have additional expertise or expertise in parallel of your with yours or that complements yours so that way yes you are the influencer who's putting on your event but of course your guest is adding so much more and together you're making the event that much greater and you're adding a little bit of variety a little bit of an outside perspective to your event now this is just in case the events are workshops or speaking events but it could be other things even if it's outdoors or you can have the other the other guests do other things outdoors just other quality interesting compelling guests they really do make your events better and there's a tendency for event organisers to think like well the event is great already yeah but it could always be better so you want to explore options for that and of course if those guests are truly good guess.

What they are influencers and inviting them and hanging out with them at the event and talking to them before and after and really doing them a favor because you're promoting them in a way you're giving them that your own extra audience you are building a relationship with them a business relationship and that way you can network with them and business relationship you can use it for a long time you can ask them for favors later you can do more collaborations later building business relationships with influencers is extremely powerful and this how like this gives you a chance to do that now of course let's talk about some challenges that occur when you are inviting guests first of all it can be a management nightmare sometimes they have lives they need to is canceled they need to reschedule and you cannot reschedule you have the events happening what are you gonna do and they're like sorry because it's not very event it's a challenge sometimes they ask for payment sometimes they have other requirements sometimes the requirements a reasonable sometimes they're not so reasonable and it's your problem at the end of the day because you're the event organizer and there's a way to mitigate this so there's a way to balance the two that's maybe the best of both worlds and that is most of the events make them run by you because at the end of the day you're the one who needs to be building relationships with your attendees you're the one who needs to be positioning yourself as a thought leader in selling your own products but sometimes invite when you can awesome guests those rare appearances but awesome guests will make that scarcity of those guests that much better it will make it more special in that way you'll always have a back-up plan let's say if the guest doesn't come well you will you can just do the event on your own and if the event the guest does come it's even that much better and you're not gonna have the stress of having to find a guest every time because if you don't find a good guest for your next event that's cool you can just do it on your own but if you do come across an amazing guest that guest can make that event that much better so it's less stressful for you but you get all the benefits of having the guests.

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