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How To Add Page To Facebook Business Manager Account

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's begin doing some very basic tasks in our business manager this video is brought to you by our Appy Pie’s Academy and we'll go to the accounts tab and we'll add some pages if you already have an account and if you've already created a page what you do is you create you click on the pages tab and it says ok you don't have any pages yet in your facebook business manager so why don't we add a page because from different pages we're going to be able to run ads so this is quite important and you click on add and you get a couple of options first you can create a new page if you already have a page you can add a page or request access to a page if it's a page that's made by some client of yours in my case I'm going to add a page because I already have one on my personal account and I'm gonna give it the URL of that page it's a basic business page and I'm gonna go add page and you see because it says I'm already a page admin to that page my request was approved automatically if you were doing this for a client's page they'd have to give you an extra permission so we're gonna close that and we're presented with certain options that the user which in this case is me is able to perform so you see you can toggle them on and off and we're just gonna go next next next it shows that that we can add people let's say you have a freelance or you want to add people to it so that they can become a manager for this page that's fine at the moment we're not doing that so we're just gonna say ok and so we have added this problem in your page under the pages settings in our business manager and so now we can manage this page from here so in this video we what we've accomplished is we've managed to add a page to our facebook business manager and in the next videos we're going to continue to explore how to use the facebook business manager.

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