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If event series, how often should it be?

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's talk about how often you should put on your events and I'll give you a few rules of thumb this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy for how often to put on your events and how to determine the exact ideal frequency so the first thing you should consider are they your main business or they just a marketing strategy for funneling people into your business and if they're just one of your marketing strategies then of course you want to run them less because you don't want that marketing strategy to take up all your time whereas if these were your full-time business you want to give them a lot more time and attention so a lot is going to depend on how much time and attention you are able to give them we'll get to that in a second usually your choices for running events are daily weekly bi-weekly monthly or annually those are the options and if you're running them as your main business you want to get as many events as possible in a condensed amount of time and if the events are your main business you want to aim for weekly or daily even depending on what the event might be but weekly is great and if you are doing the events as a marketing strategy only to feed customers into some other business or to position you as a thought leader then maybe bi-weekly or monthly is plenty and the key the true key to success is consistency and end not or end quality that's the best formula so everything stems out of ultimately how big of a priority are the events for you so I created a little formula for you to always keep as almost a barometer to decide so the frequency is going to depend on how much time do you need to put on a really quality event and how frequently do you have that amount of time available so it's again how much time can you give it to put on a fantastic event and that's the frequency that's the amount of time that's the interval that you should be putting on your event so if it's a low priority you have less time to give it and so obviously it would be less frequent if it's a high priority you've got a lot of time to put into it she put in a lot of time for it.

You have a lot of time you give it the necessary time to make it very good and you can do this more frequently because more of your time is devoted to running the event so that's kind of like the little formula I created for you - from now on using your mindset of when you're deciding how often should I run this event wall visits how often another small tip I'll give you is when I ran my own events which were the outdoor events what I did was I found some events that could recur with some success regularly for example I had the shipwreck hike that was my really good hike but if I did them too often I would have loved to do it every day because it was my big moneymaker it was my big publicity getter but I couldn't do it every day I couldn't ever even do it every week because it would make the event less cool like if it was something that was happening all the time it would it would take away from the awesomeness of it so instead I ran it monthly and I put on my events serious weekly and in the other weeks I put on other events and I experimented with the same outdoor theme but I experimented with like historical hikes I experiment with like nature hikes I experiment cultural things and food things and so I ended up over time finding a lot of themes that were a hit and they were um each hit each good great theme that I knew was gonna get me a lot of traffic in attendance I actually was a monthly thing but then I ended up finding many potential hits and I was able to do the events weekly and over time it took me less time to organize and promote because I became good at it so actually over time I started even being able to put it on like sometimes twice every week or three times every two weeks so even more frequently because they were taking last time to create and still be good and they were bringing me revenue and the growth for my business so it all was working out so I had that balance not I didn't want to dilute the amazing stuff so I kept on being creative and coming up with new themes and found a few successful themes and that's how I was able to balance high frequency and not that much time spent and high success.

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