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Elements of a successful event series & your first exercise

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we're gonna go over what it takes to make a fantastic event serious this video is brought to you by our Appy Pie’s Academy and we're gonna go over a few key basics and then I'll have you do an exercise to create your own initial strategy and then you're gonna refine that strategy as you go along first of all that's gonna make the course more interactive for you but second you're actually going to see just how much your strategy is improving and especially if you're one of those people who are like well I need more advanced strategies well this is going to be your test see if I can help you create better strategies than you currently have so the basics are and after we go over the basics we'll cover your first exercise so to make a fantastic event serious you are going to need a unique value proposition something that may gonna make your events stand out among the tens or hundreds of other events going on in your city that day why should people come to your events why should they keep coming so something really unique and cool about it the next thing is management and organization of your events like how will you ensure that people actually get tremendous value from your events and come away from your events thinking wow that was great I want to come back then there's gonna be your monetization strategies we're gonna go over many many many monetization strategies don't worry about it as we go through the course.

There's a whole section on this the same thing with marketing we're gonna go over a lot of marketing strategies but essentially you need a plan for how you're gonna grow attendance and by the end of the course you'll have a strong monetization and marketing strategy and lastly your consistency do you plan to do one event only or many usually the people's first event is the worst one and people improve over time so doing multiple events consistently is actually a deal now let's go over your exercise and your initial plan your exercise is maybe pull up a Word document or some or a piece of paper and just write out five sentences the first is what's going to be your unique valuable position right what do you offer then you want to write how will you promote your event very simple how will you make money from the event and what's your management strategy and what's gonna make the events truly great and organized and then of course how frequently do you plan to do the events and what's your true growth plan what's the end goal and that's your initial strategy so as you're gonna go through the course these things will hopefully get improved from your initial plan and that's why it's gonna be so important to write your initial plan so you'll see as you go along how much better it's gonna start becoming so with that go ahead and make your initial plan and let's go to the next video.

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