Automatic Ads vs. Manual Ads

Ad placements: Automatic vs. Manual

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to talk about another important part of your Facebook ad setup and that is the placement of your ad this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy Facebook can do this for you with automatic placements it's very easy you don't have to think or do anything that's what they recommend and for many cases it's fine but I would argue that you should do the Edit placements and do this manually if you are starting out you might want to let Facebook do it for you but there are some things you want to think about when you add your placements for example the devices so you have the option of mobile versus desktop now many people they think mobile is all the rain rage right now mobile is how popular mobile is growing those things are really true another thing that is true is that typical user engagement is shorter on mobile because think of how you type on a mobile device and think of the nature of your own engagement on a mobile device on your phone or a tablet a lot of little pop-ups keep coming up people message you people distract you there's all these articles there's all these phone calls text messages so the attention span of a typical user the same person their attention span on a mobile device is a lot shorter than on a desktop device Plus on a desktop device they can see more things they can browse more clearly and they can do more complex tasks a complex task is not that complex it's not rocket science but what you need them to do even something as simple as entering their email address when they're typing it in they are far more likely to misspell it on a mobile device versus a desktop just because they're typing with their thumbs and they're probably doing something else and you don't even know but they could be in line at a store they might only have 10 seconds to type it in they might have more distractions now of course that's exacerbated if they have to go through a slightly more complex behavior like enter a credit card or entering their shipping your contact details in case you're selling something or creating an account then they have to do a lot more things and it's gonna take like a minute or two on their mobile device and usually that's far longer than an average session length so you might lose them because for no other reason because they're on mobile so their engagement actually is stronger on desktops they can see more they can type better and they have fewer distractions so desktop is immediately one of the things that you want to consider the device so I would actually take away the mobile and I like desktop now the platforms for example that just took away the Facebook Messenger and Instagram so if you want to promote Instagram you don't want to take the mobile away but if you're selling something maybe on a different ad you want to play around with telling on Instagram but generally you want to play around with Facebook and audience Network and you might even want to take away the audience network as well now in facebook you want to appear right in people's faces right in their feed that's when that's where people see the ads so new Facebook newsfeed that's a good place on the right column.

You get very little engagement people very seldom browse there but that might not be bad because nobody since nobody browses they're like I don't really look on the right side of my facebook if you if I do and I notice something that really grabs my attention that means I'm I'm more likely candidate I've taken some interest so actually the right column it's gonna get you a lot smaller volume of traffic but they're gonna be more interested because there they were least likely to take interest and if they did that's a good time if you have a video in stream options become available and you see a lot of other options are no longer available for advertising but that's fine because you can control your ads you know exactly where they're gonna be placed because otherwise you had no ideas your ad you know you're spending money clicks but you had no idea is it something that shows up an Instagram or is it show up on Facebook on a mobile device on a desktop and then you have no idea how to debug the situation like what of the ads aren't working what's the problem so now at least you can identify where they're shown and be able to like debug the situation in case they're not working so doing things manually like this would be a good idea now if you just need engagement or if you just want brand awareness and you don't care like where that ad is shown and you don't need a tremendous amount of engagement then you do want to open up the options and you even want to give Facebook the automatic placements option because they will find cheaper placements for you if you give them flexibility to for where to place your ads so that's a decision if you have some complex behavior you're going after and you want super engaged users you might want to experiment with desktop if you want wider reach for you know and cheaper cost per engagement then you want automatic you know you then I think it's safe to you choose the automatic placements.

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